Fallout 3 community FAQ


And now there’s talk of a community FAQ too, here is the message from Blinzler at the Bethsoft Fallout 3 forum:

Ok, to make it short:
I’ve been in contact with Gstaff and I’m kind of in charge of choosing which questions will be choosen for the FAQ.
My idea so far is to collect Questions – so keep posting here, then pre-choosing with a little group of volouteers and pre-sorting through them and then holding a couple of polls at the appropriate time to let the community here in this forum choose which ones will be asked.
For this purpose I would like to have some volunteers to work with me.
I consider myself somewhat in the middle and waiting faction on this board. I’d like to have a good mix in the group – meaning I’d like someone who’s more critical inclined, someone who’s overly enthusiastic and one more ‘waiting’ forum member. That way we wouldn’t be too biased. I hope this finds approval.
So, the question remains – who? So – whoever feels he’s willing and up-to-helping on this – volunteer here and post a short reason why OR nominate someone you think would be good to work on this.
Personally I’d like to have Brother_None on this list, cos he’s a critic and he stays civil in his expressions plus his arguments are usually solid. (And plz try not to nitpick on the words I choose.)
Another good choice might be Ausir, seeing how he’s very very familiar with the Wiki and everything Falloutish.
But that’s just my preferences, it’s nothing final.

So, comments? Speak up.

Ok, just to avoid any misconceptions: I’m not related to any dev’s, I didn’t do any unholy things and participated in some dark rituals and my collection of bottlecaps is still all mine – so no bribery involved. I simply got the job because I tried to get this FAQ going.

Bethsoft community manager Matt “Gstaff” Grandstaff added this:

Yep, that’s pretty much of the gist of it. Blinzer is ultimately going to be the one that submits the questions to me (we’re looking for around 20 questions). These questions will not be picked from a list by us. From time to time, I might ping him and say, “You know, it looks like you might want to consider using a question like User X mentioned, since it seems to be an interesting question that a lot of folks are asking about.”

So keep an eye on this, might help us all.


7 thoughts on “Fallout 3 community FAQ

  1. Nope, the questions are a thing to carry on, but not all answers will go to the community FAQ, that’s my understanding. Anything changed?

    If you mean this post= last parapraph of the last post yeah, you are mostly right, but this deserved a more focused blogpost.

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