Vault Girl


In the last post I mentioned that I liked a lot the work from someone called Natalia, that made the Vault Boy pictures for the Fallout 3 site. Reaver from, formerly a QA guy at Bethsoft, was kind enough to point me in the direction of this interview that sheds some light on who is the mysterious Natalia:

ESN: Greetings, Natalia. Usual question – a few words about yourself.

Natalia: Hello. About myself? – Well, we can talk forever about that 🙂 But for short – I graduated from Moscow Technological Institute as a costume artist and worked for a while in that direction. One of my latest positions was in the multimedia company called Maris Multimedia Ltd. Then I moved to the States and started working for Vir2L Studios, one of Zenimax Media Inc, divisions. We were making web-sites, promotional campaigns, and interactive projects. Work there was a little different – one-time projects, very little time for each of them, extreme deadlines, all kinds of topics and technology. Then I got invited to the game division of Zenimax, Bethesda Softworks. I was not so eager to start there at first, thinking that making a project three years long can be boring. But I was totally wrong, game development sucks you in straight away.

Her name is Natalia Smirnova, and again she can send her art in my direction anytime! Thanks Reaver and


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