GamingTrend Answers part IV


Ron Burke, the director of GamingTrend, has been answering questions at the Bethsoft Fallout 3 forum and also at NoMutantsAllowed. You can read Part 1 here, part 2 here and part 3 here. Some more quotes now:

Did you see any kids in the demo? If so did they die?

No, we didn’t get to see any kids. Todd said they’d be in the game, but I read in an interview that they are unsure of how they’ll handle them. I think if you have kids and can kill them it is an automatic AO rating, so that probably won’t happen.

One more from me: what’s the weather like? In the screenshots it’s all kinda cloudy and grim – have you seen any blinding and burning sun with these yellowish colors a’la Fallout 1?

It was certainly bright and blinding coming out of the cave. I believe they are using the light technique where your eyes ‘adjust’ to varying levels of brighness (the name escapes me right now) but most of what we saw was the dreary scorched sky.

Did you see any weatherchanges, like rain for example, some heavier winds or darker clouding that made the countryside look darker?

Nope, we weren’t in any one place for any great length of time. No real time to see weather effects change.

Could you describe in detail the events that happen during character creation?

I stated earlier that we didn’t get to see this part in the demo.

How cool was the explosion at Megaton?How cool was the Sherif’s voice?

The explosion was fantastic. The Sheriff sounded a lot like a Redguard to be honest. They should just cast Sam Elliott and get it over with. 😉

In your opinion,do you think that the character that Todd was playing during the demonstration would have stood a chance against the Behemoth if it hadn’t been for the Fatman and the BoS soldiers?

Godmode prevented any real speculation on this.

Was there anything in the demo that suggested prostitutes would be making a return?

Did one of the radio stations ever play ‘I don’t want to set the world on fire’? ——- No (but I hope so) and no (but I’m sure it’ll be in the rotation).

If there was a human opponent in the demo,did Todd take the armor and weapons off of the corpse similer to what you could do in Oblivion?

Nuthin but mutants and ants in this demo for opponents.

Is the save system the same? Like can you quick save and quick load just as easily as you could in F1 and F2?

They didn’t show this.

Was there anything in the demo that suggested people doped or junkys ?Was there anything in the demo that suggested ” bottle caps ”

We didn’t see any dopers or junkies – I suppose the homeless-looking guy who was worshiping the bomb in Megaton might have been one. *shrug* The only bottle caps I saw were in the initial trailer that we all saw.

When running around, can you kneel? and crawl? I believe this would make it so much better when in a firefight

We didn’t see any kneeling, crawling, or jumping.

Is the story line somehow connected to the stories from the previous games? Mentioning places like NCR, Vault City, other vaults in the game perhaps? etc.

Well, there are questions such as how the BoS ended up on the East Coast and the like. That will likely tie in.

Do you know how controls work? WASD+mouse aim or mouse movement or something else?

The demo was handled with a 360 controller.

Did you saw any ‘notification window’ like in past fallout games, ie

Nope, nothing of that sort. No place in the HUD for it either at this point.

How do you think the game would have been received by you and the press in general if, all else being equal, the game had been limited to 3rd person and iso views (no FP) and TB combat

Tough question – I think some of the bigger sites with some of the younger journalists might have cried like a kid with a skinned knee. I personally would have been ok with it. I think that perspective, in 3D, with a camera that you could rotate could have easily worked.

Did you see the demo a fight from 3rth person view?

Yes – it seems to work for the most part, but most of the fights were from 1st person perspective. Consoles have had 3rd person perspective shooters for a long time, so it can be done.

If Todd wasn’t moving too fast did get glimpse of the results of the combat: did the bodies (or the widely spread remains of them) stay on the ground, or slowly vanish almost instantly?

The bits stayed when he moved away but we didn’t linger long enough to find out what that means long term. No reliable answer for this one yet.

Is the violence overall that excessive that previews are letting us understand?

Define ‘excessive’. I though it fit pretty well with the bloody mess perk.

Do you think the art style looks generic? For example Fable 2´s artstyle looks very good.

Hmm. Yes and no. I think the faces still ring of Oblivion, but with some new goodies like the previously mentioned lighting and facial hair, but the rest was certainly unique.

Were these professionally voiced, or were they just fillers, like perhaps done by devs?

On par with the ‘filler’ from Oblivion. In fact, the Sheriff sounds familiar, but I can’t place where I heard him in Oblivion. No pros announced quite yet other than Liam and Pearlman for the intro.


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