GamingTrend Answers part III



You can see part II here, let’s get some answers, courtesy of GamingTrend:

I would like to get a idea of how we will interact with the environment during combat. Would you say the combat resembles that in HL2 where we crouch behind the environment and run behind walls. Or was it more like Gears of War where we will be able to press a button to hug the environment for cover.

More like the former than the latter. You want cover? Go find it.

Did the AI use tactics and cover in the demo? Did the AI respond to their own soldiers dying, such as backing up or picking up a fallen allies gun?

I saw people taking cover, but I didn’t see the AI pick up a weapon.

Do you feel that the character animation in F3 is much better than in Oblivion?

I kinda talked about this above, but I’d say that it is ‘getting closer’. Some of the havok ragdolls were still sorta floppy but I’ve been told by many a dev that havok is pure havok to tune. There is time…

Do you think that F3 has improved in this regard over Oblivion as much as, say, Oblivion improved over Morrowind?

I know that the folks at Bethsoft read the reviews that are out there – they hear all of our concerns. Big empty worlds don’t make for compelling gameplay. From what I saw, they intend to keep us busy with things to do and places to go. Realize though that they are taking something where you had a series of small areaa that loaded in (Fallout 1) and was connected by an overland map that you didn’t interact with, and putting it into a giant overland map that you DO interact with and can traverse yourself. Daunting task? You betcha. We’ll have the same ‘Go anywhere, do anything” gameplay that Oblivion and Morrowind was famous for, but it sounds like they will be tightening it up a bit.

Could you mention any “little touches” that stood out to you as particularly clever?

Looking at the burned out billboards for the Vaults and such were pretty amusing. The ‘aging’ on all of the metal including rust and overall wear and tear looked pretty great. The PiPBoy looked absolutely fantastic. There were a lot of little touches that really stood out for me. They’ve been working on the game since 6 months prior to the launch of Oblivion so they’ve had some time.

Is the action of the game particularly fast?

Well, real time had a twitch element to it, but I’d say it was a lot closer to Call of Duty than Unreal Tournament, by far. (Especially the new UT) The best way to describe it (from a distance – I didn’t get to play) was that there was a real tension to real time in getting yourself into a better position and being mindful of your enemies position, punctuated by the V.A.T.S. moments where you could really stop and make more tactical decisions. It’d be hard to explain more than that without actually experiencing it for myself.

Were there any weird voice-overs like in Oblivion? Any “changing” voices (like how in Oblivion you could get two or more different voices for the same character)? How was the quality of the acting? Did the character animation correspond to the dialogue, or was it kind of just canned lip-flapping like in Oblivion?

Didn’t hear any odd voice-overs. The mutants talked to eachother about ripping the Protectron’s arms off, just before said robot lasered their arms off and blew them into small chunks. I’d say it was pretty good. They haven’t really announced any other voice actors other than Ron Pearlman and Liam Neeson at this point, so we don’t know

Any particular weapon (besides the Fatman) that you liked in particular? Anything that got your action?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not enamored with the idea of nuking everything that moves – I just liked the fantastic particle effects that the Fatman gave off. They were pretty sweet. I liked the rifle we were using initially – it felt old and pretty slow to fire, like a real bolt action rifle in untrained hands. It had that high pitched pop sound that you’d expect from a lower caliber rifle.

Where there any enemies besides ants, scorpions and Super Mutants around? Any human robbers or something new?

Well, the behemoth was something new. Other than that, no. I thought I heard that they had over 200 creatures in the game somewhere though. Can’t recall where…

What WERE the sentient enemies doing? Were the Super Mutants just walking around the wasteland waiting for the player to come by? Were they positioned waiting for you to come, like guard sentries, or did it feel like they were going about their businesses and you just chanced upon them?

The ants were sorta ‘happened upon’, but the mutants walking through the sewers were likely placed there. Same with the firefight at the end. I can understand that though as you don’t want to have to wander forever to find a fight during your own demo. Who knows if it’ll be that way in the final product.

You mentioned you were cautiously optimistic. Why cautious and why optimistic? I.e. what about the demo really got to you in terms of “this is great” and what got to you in terms of “this could still bomb”?

Cautious? Like most of you, I want to get my hands on the game before I really render judgement on the 1st / 3rd person perspective change. (Some folks have already written it off. *shrug* Can’t do much for them) Optimistic? I looked at the developers and how excited they were to be working on this world. They seemed genuine in their desire to make this the best Fallout product they could make. Oblivion had its fair share of issues, but it was no slouch by any means. I’m optimistic. smile.gif For the “This is great” I’d have to say the dialog (cussing notwitstanding – I’m hoping this is tempered a bit) and the PiPBoy struck me as good. For the ‘this could still bomb’ I’d have to say the ragdoll (but adding procedural animation helps a lot with this) and the 3rd person perspective. Time will tell on those.


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