Gamingtrend answers Part 1


As I’ve talked about earlier the Ron Burke, the director of GamingTrend, has been answering questions at the Bethsoft Fallout 3 forum and also at NoMutantsAllowed. Ron is going to make a special with the questions and answers on his site soon, but for now I’ll do a six parts series of blogposts with highlights of his questions. So let’s get started:

Say it with me –



When you combine these two words you may find that

a.) They purposely tuned it down so we could see

the awesome nuke effect multiple times

b.) You haven’t seen the size of this particular mutant –

it was like a walking building

c.) hard to hate something you’ve not seen/played. Telling people
you don’t know to go F themselves smacks of being
so overboard that it defys all logic. Calm down and
see the reality that it hasn’t shipped yet –
nothing is set in stone.


Now, that out of the way – I’ll answer any questions that I can if you have them.

What is the dialogue like? Is it to the same standard that fallout’s was? Do you get to choose what you actually say, like in the original Fallout? Are there more than one neutral, good and evil option? Also how many options on average did you get to choose from?

The dialog tree (the one I referenced in the writeup) had multiple options, showing the full text of what you say (although you have no voiceover of course). In the demo there were a few instances where there were more than one option for those ‘shades of gray’ dialog choices, as well as a few that required a roll in the background (they had a <29%> or the like next to them to give you an idea of your chances).As for the how many on average, this was a 50 minute demo for a 50 hour+ game (I’m guessing on that number btw) so its really hard to say how the average for this canned ‘first look’ at the game would compare with the final product. That said, usually 4-5.

-How big was the explosion from the exploding car? Was it more an exploding barrel type explosion or a mushroom cloud type thing?

Like an exploding barrel full of gasoline (large fireball, quick dissipation – let’s not talk about why I know that. ehhehe) Again, I suspect that this was to demonstrate the new particle effects (and damn they are pretty) more than anything – I don’t think the world of Fallout 3 is going to look like a used car lot with cars just waiting to explode. 🙂

-What’s you impression on the Fatman? Rare weapon for the a special encounter with a rare behemoth or something we will come across a lot?

I sincerely doubt you’ll see a Fatman unless you really go out of your way to get it. Bethesda knows better than to make these common. As for the Behemoth, given the music change I suspect that this was a ‘boss’ character and likely unique.

About humor in FO3 any more examples then ‘eyeballs rolling around after a headshot’ and the little scene with the skeletons behind the door to vault101?

Well, some of it is subtle like the sign that I mentioned that said “Local Cult ->” on it, while others were more direct. I don’t have any concrete examples off the top of my head though. Sorry.

The giant ants – what did they look like?

Roughly the size of a 3-drawer filing cabinet on legs. These things were huge. They looked like very large ants. They had all the usual goodies for post-effects which made them look pretty great.

The supermutants – all running around with some glorified improvised melee weapons or do they use ranged weapon as well? (and how common is each one – more ranged or more melee)

I mentioned that there was a high-ground mutant with a rifle at one point in the demo. From what we saw, there is a blend of both.

How does VATS ‘feel’? Something enjoyable? For who – an rpg player? Someone enjoying tactical games? someone enjoying twitchplay?

I didn’t get hands-on with it, but from the look of it it provides a more tactical thing. E.G. popping one guy in the leg so you can slow him down while you deal with his friends.

Are NPC’s generic in bodyshape or did you see fat/skinny/famished/amputees/cripples? Same goes for faces – scars/modifications (tattoo, piercing)/missing eyes/missing teeth?

Well, I saw fat and skinny to be sure. Mr. Burke was a skinny and smarmy looking guy. The Sheriff looked grizzled (you’ve all seen that screen though). Didn’t spot any scars or amputees though. *shrug*

How much of an issue is getting water to survive in fo3? Constant worry? Or something that is important, but doesn’t get too annoying?

The impression that I got is that you could heal slightly from a water source but that you’d have to keep an eye on your radiation to not over do it. For a stealth player this probably won’t be a big issue, for a run-and-gun player it may play a bigger role. It wasn’t like there was a ‘drink-o-meter going where you had to find a nearby “porcelin fountain” from which to drink if that’s what you mean.

The behemoth creature – how huge and did he ‘break’ that house as he came into view or was that coincidence?

I was furiously typing and didn’t see if he busted the building. Given some of the new tech in the engine though, I wouldn’t doubt it. If I recall correctly I’d estimate he was 30+ feet tall.

The subways – a means for fast-travel? random dungeon crawl? set dungeon-crawl? something else alltogether?

Hard to answer. There were quests that we saw occurring in the subway, but we also used it to get to radio station from Megaton. *shrug*

How atmospheric did the game seem to you? How alive was it?

Atmospheric? Very. The vault feels like a blend of old and new tech with a clinical yet grimy feel to it. Stepping onto the wastelands felt completely different – vast and brutal. My fellow press members were all smiling and jaw-slack (including a few devs from other companies who stopped in to see the game) so don’t let them fool you into thinking otherwise. I’m drinking the coolaid – this looks pretty awesome.


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