Rybicki, Matt and Thomas


At NoMutantsAllowed there’s a new editorial, written by Brother None, entitled The Rybicki Maneuver: When to praise and when to criticize: a how-to guide:

Morrowind just laid the groundworks for Oblivion or Oblivion loses out to Morrowind on the basis of being more action-orientated? It can’t be both, so what causes the difference in opinion between these two pieces?

And there we arrive at the central point of this article; the Rybicki Maneuver. In short the maneuver means that as long as your opinion on the product actually matters towards the game’s sales, don’t be too critical. The moment criticism doesn’t matter anymore or, even better, criticism can be used to say “they won’t do this again”, do a 180 and suddenly claim the flaws you didn’t mention in your review should be obvious to anyone.

Coincidentally a discussion about the role of gaming reporters started on the Bethesda Games Forum, and in there you can see an interesting discussion featuring Matt “Gstaff” Grandstaff and Brother None:


Consumers should definitely take previews with a grain of salt. Ultimately, more educated decisions about purchasing games can be made once reviews are out or if you have a chance to rent the game or download a demo before purchasing.

At the same time, if there weren’t previews for the game for you guys to read about, then there would be complaints that you’re not getting adequate information about the game. I know that a lot of journalists aren’t so keen on writing previews, but everyone wants a “first look” at games. For that reason, I don’t blame journalists for not going out of there way to bash a title. These guys have played a lot of games, and they know that they’re “works in progress.” If they don’t like what they see when the final product, they definitely want consumers to know. At least this is my experience of reading reviews over the years.

And typically, from coverage I’ve read over the years, magazines will weigh in on what they thought about the game. For years I’ve been reading EGM and when they do E3 previews, there’s usually some sort of label next to each preview that says something like “terrible,” “so-so” or “excellent,” so I don’t really buy that preview coverage is always fluff.

In the case E3 Best of Show previews, my journalists usually consider handing out such awards to be a big deal and take it very seriously. Of course, since these still qualify as previews, they realize that the game isn’t complete either – they can only judge game on the material they saw. Take Jeff Green for instance – from his 1up blog post, he seems anxious to play Fallout 3 after seeing it, but he still acknowledges that he wants to know more about the game.


Good post, Gstaff. Dead on the money. I just wish it didn’t need to take 50 previews saying *exactly the same thing* with *exactly the same screenshots* to get the info out there. Bethcha NMA could’ve found out that and more in one preview/interview, zing!



At some point, I’d love to get fans a chance to see more, but I don’t think we’ve gone against the norm by starting with gaming press. That’s just my experience, if you allow me to take my Bethesda hat off (BTW, I hate that expressions, sorry for using it).


Gstaff; no worries. We got some of our more pressing questions in there, and in gathering tidbits from the 50-odd interview/previews, we could gather almost a full page of actual information. Heh. Glad our international colleagues participated, always more interesting than the Americans in the RPG business. One question I’ve been meaning to ask you, Matt: were no Russkies invited or did we all just miss it? One of the biggest and most dedicated fanbases of the world, Russia (though the market is kind if impenetrable/nonlucrative, with the loose copyright laws)

Suddenly it hit me…

Matt, I hate to break it to you. But the Fallout franchise and its fanbase, like, don’t fit the norm. So going against the norm here would be fitting the aberrant norm, or something


Oh don’t worry, I realize that. When I’m given the opportunity to share stuff with you guys, that’s what I want to do.

As for the norm part, I do think that Fallout fans share much in common with Transformers fans. Though experience from another job, I realize you both have: a devoted fans, long waits, a project in new hands, online outroar upon release of new assets, etc. My personal opinions aside about the movie, you could also say that many fans were happy, and then there are fans that will always have a problem with change (which is fine by me, and from what I’m seeing in the forums here, will likely be the case with Fallout 3.) Still, like any movie, if you’re fan, I’d suggest giving it a chance.


13 thoughts on “Rybicki, Matt and Thomas

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  2. Kharn is a name for a sissypants man!

    Brio; Bethesda certainly doesn’t discriminate for size, but still, I can’t imagine your blog being high on their priority list. I’m not sure you should care that much, either.

  3. Kharn is a name for a sissypants man!


    Bethesda certainly doesn’t discriminate for size


    I can’t imagine your blog being high on their priority list.


    I’m not sure you should care that much, either.

    *sigh* True

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  5. “”I get the news I need on the weather report””*

    Brother None’s editorial is an important declaration of awareness.

    The economic card is continually used to trump critiques of game design, and game reviews.

    Assume no mercy from the game corporations or the codependent hired scribblings.

    Chorus: Three Card Monty, might get lucky!
    Chorus: MIGHT (!)BE(!) lucky, Three Card Monty!

    Open. ‘full monty’, public statement (with pride) …
    an entertainment INDUSTRY … are doing it for the money.
    The macro-game of chance, producing product and marketing, becomes adversarial to the naive and the unaware.

    Chorus: Three Card Monty, might get lucky!
    Chorus: It’s all o.k., doing it for the money.

    Good copy or bad copy, news or advertisement, comes down to a case by case assessment.
    In this free fire zone, some individual writers have amazing street cred, others are as slick as Pitts.

    Chorus: It’s all o.k., doing it for the money.
    Chorus: TELL ME, sell me, doing it for the money.

    In this free market of situational ethics, can only advise: ‘let the buyer beware’.
    The consumer has choice, go away, kneel in ‘subscription’, or read between the lines.

    Chorus: It’s all o.k., doing it for the money.
    Chorus: TEASE ME, squeeze me, doing it for the money.

    Raising the level of awareness can only improve this predatory predicament.
    Raising tides and all, … and all the boats that -can- float …


    Not an ‘organizational man’, not an organized man,
    when I do seek to sort browser bookmarks, ”go to daily”,
    this site is fingered on that discriminating digitized ”count on one hand”.

    Most jumps to other points in ”the tubes” depend on what I read at the core cluster.

    Thanks for the opportunity,


    ////////// foot note

    *Simon and Garfunkel: …
    I get the news I need on the weather report.
    I can gather all the news I need on the weather report.
    Hey, I’ve got nothing to do today but smile.
    Doh-n-doh-doh-n-doh-n-doh-doh and here I am,
    The only living boy in New York. …

  6. 4Too sorry for the delay with the comment but WordPress forces me to approve your posts everytime, their anti spam gets nervous with your style of writing for some reason. I’m trying to fix that, again sorry.

    Great comment by the way

  7. Weather Update

    Partly cloudy, now, partly sunny …


    Interesting, spam filter, filters screed that gesticulates –> advertisement filtering.

    Free spoiler to come about the pop culture origins of Brother None?
    I thought it was a pun, Brother Nun … or …
    Brother to none as in son of (father’s name here)
    FO reference teh clue!


    @Brother None.
    If not economically feasible to level the playing field, then raise the level of awareness …
    You had excellent references to your level of awareness article.
    Great balance with the game writers frank discussion of state of their art.

    Got riff on evilavatar bullet point 10 for NMA, now that ice melted by clog shoed tap dance on,
    the tedious over playing of economic card when throwing the game industry tarot.
    As if job satisfaction ain’t in it.
    As if , it’s the neo con’s 21st Century, doing it for teh money.


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