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This is off the usual range of things I write to this blog, but since it’s about someone that worked on projects with former Fallout devs and it raises a worthy cause, here goes, from the Raven Software site :

It is with deepest sadness that we at Raven announce the passing of our friend and colleague Glen Angus on Thursday, July 19th. Glen was an artist of immense talents and a person of boundless energy. His family includes his wife Carolyn and two children Olivea (5) and Teddy (2). Goodbye, Glen. We’ll miss your creativity, your wit and your laughter – we know you’ll live on through your family and your art.

To find out more about Glen and his work, visit his website:

Glen was very passionate about speeding up the time it takes for autistic children to receive treatment once they’re diagnosed. To find out more about this cause visit this site:

If you would like to make a donation to his family, please send the payment to:

Glen Angus Memorial Fund

c/o Park Bank

P.O. Box 8969

Madison, WI 53791

If you have a minute go here and read the instructions on how you can help regarding Glen’s crusade in favor of autistic children, who share their condition with his son Teddy. If you do so thank you very much.

João “Briosafreak” Vieira



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