Some words and a movie


Grrrrlgamer has a small piece on Fallout 3:

“So, why first person?” was probably the question on everyone’s mind, and that’s where the explanations started. “The objective is to feel like you are the person in this world. We get really anal about our game worlds, we want you to go out and touch it”. Yes, those exact words. However, the game is fully playable in third person as well.


FiringSquad had a bit more to say, one of the quotes reminded me of Killzig:

Before we begin, we wanted to mention one thing; Fallout 3 will be a first person perspective game like Morrowind and Oblivion but not like the top down aspect of the first two Interplay Fallout games. This may upset some Fallout purists but BethSoft’s dev team feels the first person perspective really puts you more inside the world (there is an optional over-the-shoulder third person viewpoint you can switch to in the game).

We then moved down to handle the task of arming the bomb again and then we left the town, where we encountered some resistance from a pack of mutants and one rather large super mutant that looked like it had taken a wrong turn from Epic Games’ Gears of War.

While we didn’t actually play the game ourselves in our E3 demo it’s clear that Bethesda Softworks is pretty deep in development on Fallout 3 and even though the game won’t be released until the fall of 2008 it’s also clear that their ideas fit right into the Fallout universe. This won’t be a post-apocalypse remake of Oblivion; the VATS combat system, the definite endings of the game and the unique S.P.E.C.I.A.L. system will separate this game from BethSoft’ previous RPGs. Yes, some Fallout fans will likely be upset that the game is designed as a first person title and is set on the East Coast but that’s nitpicking in our eyes. The real test of Fallout 3 will be if the game keeps the humorous spirit of the top down first two Fallout games with the high end graphics and immersive gameplay that the new developer plans to bring to the table.


And check XBox Evolved video interview with Emil Pagliarulo, it has some technical problems they are trying to fix, so keep checking for a longer version soon. This shows the Q&As you’ve been reading, like this one, in full detail, and it’s always much better to listen and watch things as they were. I just hope they fix the problems with the video – that stops before the ten minutes mark – but even then it is the most interesting interview you can watch of all the E3 work.


Spotted at the Bethesda Blog.


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