Fallout 3 La Guérre et la Paix


A few reports for the international crowd that corresponds to 50% of the viewers on this blog, first starting with Sweden’s biggest gaming mag Superplay that has a Fallout 3 special in the latest issue, this is taken from a translation at NMA:

In many ways Fallout 3 is a further improved Oblivion. Everything Bethesda did in Oblivion they have polished and modified for Fallout 3.
Like their Radiant AI, which made the characters of Oblivion live their own lives – or at least walk from point A to point B a few times a day. In Fallout 3 the developers are trying to get the AI and the characters behaviours to become more appareant to the player.

Then we head to Poland, and the Gry-online.pl preview and questions and answers session with Emil Pagliarulo, a small excerpt again from NMA:

Shuck: Do you plan to support the modding community by providing them with tools?

Emil: We don’t know yet – we’re discussing it. It is something we’ve done for Oblivion, but this doesn’t automatically mean we’ll do the same for Fallout. The truth is, preparing such tools takes a lot of time, and this is time lost to production of the actual game. We shall see.

Shuck: Is this caution caused by the trouble caused to you by the infamous Oblivion mod?

Emil: No. But it is a fact that when you release modding tools, you loose a great deal of control over your game.

That would be a major blow, no modding tools… anyway heading now for France you can read all about the latest issue of PCJeux and their Fallout 3 special down at Fallout 3 Nucléar, and closer to my home you can read a two pages article about the game on BGamer, in case you live in Portugal and want to check their huge and detailed Fallout 3 pictures.


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