Oh no more E3…


First from BBPS.com:

Now I know a lot of people out there are huge Fallout fans, as the series has something of a rabid following. Sadly I can’t speak to how this game does in the canon of those that came before, because honestly I never played the first few Fallout games. I know that loses me some geek cred but it’s something I’m working to fix, trust me. But the creators of Fallout 3 took great pains to mention numerous times what big fans they are of the original games, and that this game will satisfy the old fans while opening it up to new fans as well.

I see this game as the spiritual successor to Elder Scrolls: Oblivion.


Ross Miller talks about Fallout 3 screenshots at Joystick:

For those who want to see just how violent Bethesda is planning Fallout 3 to be (and didn’t already check out the latest Game Informer), the developer has released new pictures from the game, including Lucas Simms, one of the first NPCs you encounter outside of the vault who looks eerily like Armand Christophe from Oblivion, and a pretty gruesome headshot care of one unfortunate super zombie.

Gears of War also had some gruesome cranial explosions, but from what we saw at E3, Fallout 3 will up the ante in comical violence.



A sequel to the original, turn-based and isometric RPG series from Interplay, Fallout 3 has been picked up by the makers of The Elder Scrolls series, Bethesda, after Interplay suffered financial difficulties. Despite being very vocal fans of the series and excellent RPG makers in their own right, many are worried that Bethesda will not be able to create the sequel Fallout 2 deserves and many are worried that the game will end up as nothing more than ‘Oblivion with guns’.

Well, if the new screenshots are anything to go by then it looks like the game may end up being just as gory as previous titles.


Now for Gameshark:

You’ll have the option of playing Fallout 3 from either the first-person or third-person perspective. Combat and exploration can easily occur from either, while dialogue always takes the first-person. Series followers might have difficulty accepting the shift, but Howard claims that the best means of transporting the player into the game world is from the first-person perspective. There’s no question that it looks fantastic.


Hands on at Kotaku:

This is certainly in the running for best of show, everything from its amazing presentation and faithful adherence to Fallout trivia, to the VaultTech Assisted Targeting and use of deep dialog trees had me jonesing for this game.

Still at Kotaku Fallout 3 was third in the list of Best PCGames of E3, and second on the Best RPG category.


Evil Avatar ten things you may or not know about Fallout 3(thanks NMA):

4. The presentation of the quests, and other textual information on screen uses this really slick fading effect. That alone adds a ton of atmosphere to the game.
3. The VATS system that is used for aiming allows for quite a bit of strategy in big fire fights. It also yields some pretty gruesome results. The game is BLOODY!
2. Water is used to heal yourself, but all water has amounts of radiation in it. Certain water has more than others, and you need to balance the radiation poising with healing as well as worry about reducing your radiation.
1. You can have a dynamic impact on the world, including blowing up entire “cities” with Nuclear weapons.


2 thoughts on “Oh no more E3…

  1. * Sights * And again a comparison with Gears of War.
    I don’t recall the original Fallout actually competing with the shooters in the time it was released, no “Fallout is an okay looking game but the death of the opponents really aren’t like those of ‘Shooter X’.”

    Perhaps the problem lies with the fact that these reporters have no background with RPGs, its not their fault that they compare Fallout now with shooters because it really looks like that to the gamer of today.

    Perhaps we would have have gotten more objective or critival previews (Critical doesn’t always mean bad, it simply means that you look beyond the bells and whistles with which it is introduced) if these sites and magazines had sent people who are more into RPGs.

    “So that they might give it a bad name?” You might say? No, not at all. Rather that they looked at the gameplay and such and compare it with the series it is suppose to be a part off.
    They would probably still say it is good but that some gameplay needs to be altered in order to fit its predecessors better.

  2. The title should be “Oh no more morons…”

    Anyway, people with no Fallout background are those who better analyze it. Look at their previews, and all of them compare the game with some FPS or something. TeamXbox is yet to be beaten in the quality of their preview. And I’m not being sarcastic here.

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