GWN E3 Impressions


Gameworld Network brings us another round of Fallout 3 impressions, now with plenty of detail and four pages:

Fallout 3 takes place 30 years after the events of Fallout 2, but this time the action is centralized in the shattered remains of Washington DC, or as it is now called, the Capital Wasteland. While the vast majority of humans in the area have been long dead, a handful managed to find refuge in the underground shelter known as Vault 101. However, for some reason, the doors that lead in and out of Vault 101 have been shut ever since the world ending disaster that took place 200 years ago. It’s here in Vault 101 where our demo begins.[…]

The life bar obviously shows how much health that particular body part has, while the percentage shows the chance you have to hit it. What’s cool is that using this system, you can keep on queuing up consecutive attacks as long as you have enough Ability Points which recharge automatically when you’re not attacking. Once you’ve inputted your commands, just sit back and watch as the battle plays out in slow motion with the camera following the speeding bullet as it pierces through its target in all of its gory glory.[…]

After inputting our commands, the action started in dramatic slow mo as we saw the first bullet find its target and cause the Super Mutant’s head to explode causing all kinds of bloody chunks to go flying around the room. Todd even made the character walking around and looking on the floor saying, “There’s one of his eyes. There are pieces of brain. More brain. And there’s the other eye.” Fallout 3 is definitely not one for the kiddies.[…]

In case it hasn’t been clear, I was blown away by the Fallout 3 presentation. Fans of the original Fallout may be understandably disappointed by the fact that the game has deviated so far from the original, but have them sit down and watch the same presentation that I saw and I’m confident that even the most hardcore of Fallout fans will be converted. Unfortunately the release date for Fallout 3 is planned for Fall 2008, so PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 owners still have a long and painful road of waiting ahead of them.

If only we would have seen the footage we would feel better in general? Listen to that Bethsoft…


One thought on “GWN E3 Impressions

  1. Hopefully they release that walk through video sometime soon. I feel like I’ve read the same description so many times that I feel like I could write the same preview.

    It’s nice to think that once FO fans saw it they’d change their minds, but I doubt it. I mean, BethSoft has made some steps. They’ve reworked their third person camera to at least give a tangible/useful alternative to first person. I’m talking about the OTS view, not the ISO some of the press kit kids claim you can get when you tilt the camera this way, hold your left foot out and pray for rain. But it’s not a true table top simulator, at least that’s what the argument seems to be at NMA. I don’t really get that one, aren’t the figurines/tabletop thing just a creative stimulant (more shit they can sell you to make $$$)? Too cynical?

    Fuller dialog trees + interesting characters seem to be an important point they’re driving home as well, something completely absent from Oblivion and a definite strength in Fallout. But the father character, you’re tethered to him like an anchor around your neck. This point actually bothers the piss out of me as the thought of a sanctimonious, impossibly righteous scientist Liam Neeson acting as my “moral compass” for 20+ hours makes my skin crawl. Hopefully, he’s absent for most of the game. Hopefully, they’ve coded some neat little Easter eggs if you’re playing a low INT character. Doesn’t really gel with scientist daddy right? Maybe you find Mommy’s hidden cache complete with love letters to the janitor. ‘Mongo’s love child’ karmic trait uncovered! Is this heavy on the optimistic side? Yeah. Definitely. Everything we’ve seen so far, which admittedly isn’t much, points to glossed over “Fallout” in the global sense but not much in the way of the small details that were chock-full-o-charm.

    I’m not going to even touch the survival/horror thing. Drinking toilet water. Nuclear Catapults. Pulling a total cut and paste job for the factions/beasties. Cheesing it up.

    They already backed off the survival/horror talk on that last press release.
    Hopefully they saw the note that drinking toilet water from the –RESEVOIR TANK—was actually in the survivor’s guide. Small change to make right? Doable?
    Nuke Catapults. End game weapon. Very late endgame. Bump those rad penalties for use up. Make the ammo/weapon very scarce. Functional. Right? Right?

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