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TwitchGuru has a three pages long first impressions from Fallout 3 article, and it’s a very detailed piece, worth reading:

Bethesda Softworks treated game journalists to a tour of the new game, and after seeing it firsthand, I was stunned at how good Fallout 3 looks and how well Bethesda Game Studios has updated the RPG series for a new generation. Bethesda executive producer Todd Howard, who helmed the acclaimed Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and is now overseeing Fallout 3, fired the game up on an Xbox 360 (on a side note, there were two Xbox 360’s in the demo room and one had the red ring of death, and Howard warned media members that it could happen again).[…]


After showing off the environments, Howard then demonstrated Fallout 3’s new combat gameplay system. If there was one flaw with the original Fallout, it was the somewhat clunky combat system, which could slow down gameplay. The new combat system blends a first-person shooter style with elements of the original attack mode. For example, Howard encountered some very large mutant ants and began taking aim at them with a rifle in FPS mode. Later, Howard engaged some Super Mutants lurking in the tunnels of the city’s Metro subway (yet another amazing and disturbingly realistic map) and switched to a targeting HUD mode called V.A.T.S. (Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System). The V.A.T.S. mode freezes game time and displays the various body parts of the enemy – head, torso, arms and legs – with percentages of “attack success.”

Howard took aim at a Super Mutant’s head, which had an artificially high percentage of 66 percent for the purposes of the demo. He press a button on the Xbox 360 controller, and exited the HUD mode, which returned the game to a slow motion mode that follow the bullet as it ripped through the Super Mutant’s head, which caused it to explode[…]

While some of the new additions may turn off fans of the original game, I for one am glad to see Bethesda is trying something different and updating the franchise for next-generation platforms. We already have Fallout and Fallout 2, so why not go in a different direction? And that’s exactly what Bethesda is doing, and I can’t wait for more.


10 thoughts on “Twitch gamers Guru

  1. Well, I certainly don’t think there should be much reading into a site called TwitchGuru previewing Fallout 3.

    None at all.


  2. But seriously, why do I get the feeling Bethesda is giving every possible site a preview of the game and not showcasing it to the more hardcore communities to quell fears? I already know they dislike us over there at the Codex, but what’s up with NMA?

  3. Why would Bethesda invite people who villify them at every opportunity? If you were at work, and you heard a co worker always talking about how you’re fucking up your job, you’d be much less inclined to hang out with them I’d guess.

    For every well thought and perfectly valid criticism of KNOWN information, there are a dozen posts of pure ‘eat shit and die’ Bethesda hate (mainly referring to the news comments at NMA, although the Codex is even worse).

    For all of the hardcore fans who just want their voices heard in the hope of change (everyone can dream I guess), as a collective, the hardcore fans shoot themselves in the foot by complaining way too much. The criticism is at such a level of uncontructiveness that it’s much easier to just tune it all out en masse.

    Again, why would a company pay any attention to a site who’s moderators and posters (and moderators who allow posters) to say stuff like:

    “I now actually have to suppress the hatred I feel for Todd Howard, because nothing would please me more than to shoot the SOB through the head on the E3, while making his reporter audience watch. ”

    All I’m saying is lets be real about the expectations.

  4. Duh. For the most part the Fallout fan base has done a wonderful job of marginalizing itself. Something for which I share a good deal of responsibility for. Is it something that can be fixed? Yes. Does BethSoft have the position of authority from which to fix it from? Yes. You don’t think a little of that “good will” they showed the gaming press (a press that is already lapping up Todd Howard’s ball sweat like it’s healing their HP) wouldn’t go a long way towards cooling their jets and changing some minds? If this is already as bad as coverage is going to get from DAC/NMA/etc what’s left to lose?

  5. At s001:
    “I now actually have to suppress the hatred I feel for Todd Howard, because nothing would please me more than to shoot the SOB through the head on the E3, while making his reporter audience watch. ”

    I understand your point, and I have some concerns too, but please understand this:

    I was rather pissed when I read the latest E3 report in which the genius of Todd Howard was revealed once more, and how his people have made Fallout an RPG of the 21st Century, when I wrote;

    “I now actually have to suppress the hatred I feel for Todd Howard, because nothing would please me more than to shoot the SOB through the head on the E3, while making his reporter audience watch. ”

    However even I pretty much acknowledged that that was stupid, after which I added;

    “But that is to extreme, and I am not like that,”

    As to this person, if he is going to use my words, use all of them, and not just the parts you want to use as an example.

    This message is from Dutch Ghost, the guy that wrote that. He’s normally a nice guy, very calm and reasonable,that metaphor is excessive though, I’m glad he agrees with that.

  6. While I am disappointed that FO fan sites weren’t invited, I don’t think that it is fair to say that Bethsoft has some hatred towards the more hardcore FO fans. They didn’t invite any Eldar Scroll fan sites either right?
    I think people are reading too much into the situation, and some of us are a bit biased against Bethsoft. Lets all calm down and think about the logic behind their decision of not inviting fan sites.

    1. Game industry is a business, and in a business one would like to minimize the negative publicity as much as possible. Esp. on unfinished products. FO3 is still a year away, while we all like to actually get our hands on it to try it out, it is logical for the demo being done in a very controlled environment by people that worked on the game.
    This kind of demo practice is being used everywhere, heck we make millitary equipments here, even we do very controlled “demos” on unfinished products. And there is not one demo that we have done that we didn’t have to work around bugs. If it was up to us Engineers, we’d rather spend more time and make our products bug free, but unfortunately the business folks are the ones that set the schedules…

    2. Some of us FO fans can be quite extreme, and thus increasing the risk that something bad may happen during the previewing. Imagine the case where your dad is constantly bashing you no matter what you do. How would you feel towards your dad? Don’t tell me you won’t have any reservations about showing him something that you have achieved recently. Now that is your dad, now imagine it was your neighbor that is constantly bashing you, would you even think for a sec about sharing the stories of your life with this person?
    Don’t get me wrong, most of the FO fans are great people. I personally can’t thank you guys enough for keeping FO alive, no better then alive. But try as I might, some times I do find some people to be quite offensive. And usually it is those few that stands out and start to give the general fan base a image that it didn’t deserve.

    3. I really don’t think Bethsoft went out of their way to show everyone but the fan sites FO3.
    Most of the people were at E3 already, and FO3 is interesting enough to attract attention from most of the journalists. Also, it is not like that every journalist got a special view of the current build of FO3, they all saw the same thing in an auditorium nothing special.

    4. While I’d love bethsoft to open up their communication with fans. I don’t think we should crucify them for not being as open as we want them to be. Remember that in the old days, games are made with little to no feedback from the gamers. Obviously, games in old days were also more likely to be hit-or-miss. But now, game developement cost is so high, most devs cannot afford to have too many misses. So they open up to get feedback from fans. But they cannot be bogged down in feedback unless they don’t want the game to be developed ever, they cannot strive to appease every one on every critique that are made on every little detail that they revealed about the game.
    Haveing said that, I will try to be as patient as I can and enjoy every bit of information that come out about the game.

    Please remember that we are all only human, we all have passions, we all make mistakes. Put yourself in Bethsoft Devs’ shoes and maybe things don’t look as bad as we made it to seem.

    back to work…

  7. From what I understand an ESF site did go. I know for sure that Brother None pointed out in a thread on the Bethsoft forums that an X-Com/some other game site from the UK was invited to Bethesda’s breakfast.

  8. I know for sure that Brother None pointed out in a thread on the Bethsoft forums that an X-Com/some other game site from the UK was invited to Bethesda’s breakfast.

    Yeah, they took a few questions from members of this blog, they are nice people. Very small though, so size wasn’t an issue, just who would give a positive review of the E3 events or not.

    I’m not bothered with the E3 presentation at all, and regarding the first presentation I do think the main fansites should have been invited, you are talking nine years waiting for something, and when it is presented you are left in the cold…not nice, but that can be fixed in the future.

    My only complaint regarding this blog in particular and Bethesda is that they don’t send me pictures, press releases or just a few heads up messages when something big is coming, like the concept art being put online or the Bethesda blog. On that regard Interplay was much better, although I was at war with Interplay management they always sent everything to me, when I worked at NMA, and gave us access to a press only site.

  9. I honestly think that they are just trying to play it safe, since they have been getting a lot of flak ever since OB.

    And I stress the fact I cannot thank you guys enough for the vast amount of support that you guys have shown over the years for FO. I am sure when the smoke clears a little, bethsoft will see the way too 🙂

    Now, I do think they should start handing out fansite materials esp. to NMA and here. Perhaps they are waiting to get more stuff out? TBH, I almost wished that they didn’t officially announce the game until next year, when it is much closer to release. Oh well…

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