Emil answers RPGamer


RPGamer reports a Q&A session with Emil Pagliarulo:

When asked about whether or not it’d be possible to kill any and all NPCs, Emil expressed their concern over letting their players get backed into a corner that they can’t get themselves out of, or not experiencing content the designers want to be sure they see. So it’s currently still being worked out whether or not they’ll be able to design the game such that they can let you kill whoever, or if they’ll have to make some people untouchable. He did express a strong desire to have as few unkillable NPCs as possible, as they know the negative aspects of putting walls like that in front of players.

Thanks NMA.


One thought on “Emil answers RPGamer

  1. Lol, fallout devs never bothered if the player wouldn’t experience all things in the game. They should oblige the player to experience certain aspects of the game, they should provide OTHER things so that the player also experience things and stuff if he kills critical characters. You call them game developers? lol…

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