E3 echoes


Fallout 3 at E3 is something that just doesn’t go away, so it seems. Well another round of impressions, starting with Gaming Nexus:

Graphically, the game’s a feast for the eyes as the modified Oblivion engine never looked so good. When you first walk out the world is in such a harsh shape from all nuclear fallout. The designers did a really great job at modeling a desolate world with highly detailed textures and top notch architecture. So much little detail in what I saw made the world come alive. One impressive effect was the passing of some sand and dirt in the wind as you looked around. The mutants exhibit great detail as well with some very nice motion capture. Havok is working overtime here generating dynamic movement. All objects were thoughtfully designed and Bethesda tried to think of why a button would be in a certain place or a gouge was in a certain place. They really gave a lot of attention to detail in designing not only the landscape but the objects in the world. The game just oozes style and the artists at Bethesda should be commended for creating such a highly detailed world.


As the Gaming World Turns has some embarrassing thoughts to share, and gave Fallout 3 a Best of Show award:

The Bethesda team had only one game to show but its been THE best game of E3 – “Fallout 3“. I’m talking far and away the best, no one else is even close. Todd Howard, executive producer of “F3” and of the “Elder Scrolls” franchise was on hand to give us a personal walkthrough of the game. He spent an hour playing the most brilliant First/Third Person Shooter (gamers choose the camera angle or can switch on the fly) I’ve seen in a long time.


NextGen.biz places Fallout 3 in number 10 on their Next Gen Top 20 games of E3:

What is it? The highly-anticipated RPG from Oblivion house Bethesda.

Why you should care: Aside from E3, we were able to get an eyes-on look at the game back in June and came away thoroughly impressed. Executive producer Todd Howard says that he and the Fallout 3 team have been huge fans of the franchise, which Bethesda now completely owns, and so far that fandom shows through in what we’ve seen. Simply put, Bethesda makes excellent games, and as most recently proven with The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, these games can also sell. With the brand power behind Fallout 3, Bethesda could have an even bigger hit on its hands.


Action Trip not convinced with what they saw:

Best RPG of E3 2007 – Mass Effect

This one’s easy (although it may not have been if Fable 2 was a little further into the development, or if Peter showed a bit more of the game). Sure, Fallout 3 was another contender, but at this stage of its development, we weren’t convinced.
Award goes to Mass Effect (Xbox 360) by BioWare and Microsoft

Links from the Bethesda Blog, image from As the Gaming World Turns.


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  1. Yeah, Infuze was already here, but I thought this GAF thing was new. Oh well. I lost a couple of links now, but this is enough E3 coverage I guess.

    The young lady implants aren’t very good, I agree. I don’t like breast implants anyway, they remind me of FOBOS.

  2. If only the picture showed the word “Conan” up until the A letter, the sentence in the back and the damsel would come come together nicely :whistle:

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