Fallout 3 at E3 yet again


Let’s continue with the E3 coverage, starting with the GayGamer review of the Fallout3 presentation:

The developers told us they looked at Oblivion as a learning experience for Bethesda’s next-gen ideas, and the fruits of that process were immediately evident. While the presentation wasn’t much more than a narrated demo, essentially an extended trailer of live gameplay, it proved (to me, at least) that not only is Fallout 3 worth the years of waiting, but that Bethesda’s focus on enormous worlds with exacting details makes an amazingly well-realized fit with the Fallout legacy. And most importantly of all, the token traits of Fallout are still intact: retro-future design, radiation, stims, super mutants and the lot.[…]

In other atomic news, the miniature nuclear bomb launcher looked just awesome in action, and Oblivion’s rather massive inventory system has been repaired with some help from traditional Fallout skills: rather than accumulating 15 identical items, you can salvage parts from a weapon to upgrade any weapon of the same type. If your repair skill is high enough, of course.

Fallout fans, our time has come.


Next it’s time for RPGamer:

We walked around the Vault a bit and took in the sights. As we moved through the underground community, we again came across a few points where the hero had different choices for how he’d act in a situation. It emphasized the extent to which the player will have the ability to shape the sort of man (or woman!) the character becomes. There was also a nice bit of humor at certain points. When we encountered a robot named Mr. Handy, a muttered comment had most of the audience laughing out loud.[…]

This was the first opportunity we got to see how combat played out. There were two modes available. The first seemed pretty reminiscent of first-person shooters. The game’s cursor was moved overtop the enemies and the hero fired his gun. In the second mode, Todd brought up a targeting HUD that displayed different sections of the enemy’s body (like arms, legs, torso, head). Each section had a health gauge and an attack success percentage. Attacking through this method seemed much more like a typical RPG setup and should be more comfortable with those leery of FPS games. However, it definitely seemed like a lot of work was put into both styles of attack, and later battles in the demo showed that there was a lot more to both of them. For instance, our hero got into a pretty intense shooting firefight later on in the midst of DC’s ruins, and this involved lots of rapid running and gunning. Meanwhile, a battle in some old abandoned metro tunnels showed us how the targeting system could be used to strategically queue up successive attacks against multiple enemies, and another battle against some giant ants demonstrated how hitting their antennae could cause them to become frenzied and attack their own allies.


IGN interviews Emil Pagliarulo, some bits and pieces taken by Zenmaster Omega(thanks NMA):

-the different people that can be recruited for your “party” will be limited based on your karma (no recruiting good guys if you’re a bad guy, or vice versa)
-“might” have some characters coming back, but they aren’t talking about it yet
-load times faster than Oblivion right now.
-blowing up Megaton will make your karma “plummet”
-There will be an invisible wall at the end of the world.
-Brotherhood of Steel is a “neo-knightly organization that is waging war in DC” (direct quote)
-Game is running on DX 9 right now and they would “never release just on Vista”
-He thinks it is very important about the original Fallout and Fallout 3 that all the factions, like Raiders, slavers and Super Mutants weren’t all completely evil and that you never knew where you’d find friends.
-“Absolutely not” to multiplayer


Now Gaming Nexus:

Graphically, the game’s a feast for the eyes as the modified Oblivion engine never looked so good. When you first walk out the world is in such a harsh shape from all nuclear fallout. The designers did a really great job at modeling a desolate world with highly detailed textures and top notch architecture. So much little detail in what I saw made the world come alive. One impressive effect was the passing of some sand and dirt in the wind as you looked around. The mutants exhibit great detail as well with some very nice motion capture. Havok is working overtime here generating dynamic movement. All objects were thoughtfuly designed and Bethesda tried to think of why a button would be in a certain place or a gauge was in a certain place. They really gave a lot of attention to detail in designing not only the landscape but the objects in the world. The game just oozes style and the artists at Bethesda should be commended for creating such a highly detailed world.


Now from TeamXbox:

There’s a lot to like in Fallout 3, as it offers one of the most unique experiences we’ve seen in a video game. Although some people wonder if it’s just going to be Oblivion with guns, we’re happy to report that the game also features plenty of over-the-top gore, profanity, and laugh-out-loud funny dialogue. We can’t wait to get our hands on the game in the coming year (yes, it’s that far off and still looks amazing), as well as delve into some more of the game’s features.


High Res pics of Fallout3 on IGN PS3


There’s another preview in some other place, but it’s so riddled with factual errors and insultingly wrong ideas that I’m not even going to link to it.


2 thoughts on “Fallout 3 at E3 yet again

  1. “There’s another preview in some other place, but it’s so riddled with factual errors and insultingly wrong ideas that I’m not even going to link to it.”

    LOL, I told you so 😛

  2. There’s another preview in some other place, but it’s so riddled with factual errors and insultingly wrong ideas that I’m not even going to link to it.

    Ahah, best not to 🙂 That one was a huge let down…

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