Joystick E3 Fallout 3 impressions


You can see the article here:

Some details for the true Fallout fanatics:

  • The two-headed Brahmins make a return, and Pete Hines told us after the demo that Rad Scorpions are also coming back.
  • The toughest weapon in the game will likely be the Fat Man, a portable launcher that lobs nuclear grenades.
  • We’ve seen Super Mutants; as to the existence of the more folky mutants from previous games, Hines would not comment.
  • Random encounters are making a return, but Bethesda isn’t ready to say how.
  • Action points, used for the turn-based combat mode V.A.T.S., are being designed to regenerate fast enough so that gamers can use it almost exclusively for fighting.
  • Speech options and convincing utilizing the Speech are still there, noted by the [ Speech 29% ] tag besides a talking option.
  • Computer security will be done via a game best described as akin to Mastermind, where you have a list of words (embedded amongst gibberish “code”) and you will be told how many letters you have right.
  • “We spent what I refer to as an obscene amount of time on [the PIP boy menu screen].” said Howard. More pixel shaders used on it than all of Oblivion, apparently.
  • You can zoom the third-person view out to give it the camera view akin to the previous Fallout title.

14 thoughts on “Joystick E3 Fallout 3 impressions

  1. “Beth’s executive producer, Todd Howard, calls this the most immersive way to experience an RPG title.”

    Todd stating his preference as the absolute on a constant basis is tiresome and obnoxious. I guess this is how they feel when reading a lot of the posts from DAC/NMA’ers though, so fair enough.

  2. I am still on the wait and see camp about the view point. I do see how first person can give the player a more immersive feel of the game. But alas, I am old fashioned, too many good memories of great RPGs in iso-mode.

    I recently watched a video about the history of Zelda games. It too was a great RPG that made the 3D move. And the move proved to be a pretty good one. So maybe FO3 will also succeed (in the eyes of the die hard FO fans) like Zelda did.

  3. actually, there is still a speech skill check isn’t it? It doesn’t make too much sense for some one with no int to have high speech skill? So maybe this is just a shuffling of what stats are used for the dialog choice?

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