IGN E3 Fallout 3 preview


You can find the article here, an excerpt:

We had the chance to revisit some of the content in the Vault and discover some of the new story elements there that we hadn’t heard about the first time. To begin with, we learned a bit more about the Tunnel Snakes, the gang of bullies who inhabit the Vault, and the object of their attention, the young girl with whom you’ve had a lifelong friendship. We won’t spoil the details of the story, but the connections definitely add some weight to the story.

Journeying on to Megaton and the DC Metro, we found things very much the way we left them on our last visit. This time around however, Todd flubbed his hacking attempts to get the Protectron up and running so he had to search out the key code to gain access again. Fortunately, whoever made the demo happened to place it conveniently on the desk in front of him.

The final chapters of the demo, as the character joins up with Sentinel Lyons’ platoon and meets Mr. Burke atop the Galaxy News Building played out exactly as they had during our previous viewing but they were no less dramatic or thrilling even though we knew what to expect.


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