Not Live from E3

A message from Bethsoft to the community, from the Bethesda Blog:

To help get you guys involved with the blog, we’re now accepting fan (fan fiction, artwork, wallpapers, videos, etc.) Soon we’ll be updating the blog with sections devoted to your submissions. In the meantime, send your stuff to

Here’s one first example, that many people in the Fallout fansites might recognize, made by Brdar Radosav:



Natasha “LeDriver” Driver sends word that Ron Perlman’s voice will be featured on a new Hellboy game. I hope he finds some time to make another brilliant voiceover for Fallout 3, and don’t forget to check Gamerpunch, leDriver new gaming blog.


Video game Schwag craziness, an entire set of the Fallout 3 memorabilia for gaming journalists has reached the $356 mark at eBay! You can still bid for the things that some gaming journalists seem to not fully appreciate, thanks Slicerdicer for the heads up.



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