It’s interesting to read the last posts of Corith, a former Interplay employee, at No Mutants Allowed about the events in the last years surrounding the once gaming giant:

Ok some details then . . .
Herve had a bad habit of considering himself above having to answer, or even speak to, non-executive types. Nothing concrete mind you, he just exuded an aura of contempt and disdain for people who didn’t have the title “vice president” or higher in their corporate moniker. He changed salary employee to wage several months after the fact with out notifying them because he felt he didn’t have too. He refused to pay back wages nor any penalties when he lost lawsuits, or would even show up.

Since some have asked, here is the skinny on the court adventures.
Herve did not want to pay the penalties assigned by the court case, so 4 of us, including Alden and Bioware, got together and claimed in 3 years, IPLY had made no progress on paying the various legal judgments, and that it was insolvent since being evicted. After numerous stalling attempts, the noose tightened as the judge began to see Herve for the slime ball he was/is. Herve went begging to Bethesda to pull his pink, plump, rump out of the ringer. As many of you know, they bought all of Fallout for 6 million, in 2 million installments on the prevision (among numerous others) he has pay EVERYBODY, EVERYTHING, even those that didn’t file. Every lawsuit, every back wage, every dime. No more tricks or Bethesda yanks his chain.

You can read the court proceedings for yourself, but basically, Herve is now Bethesda’s bitch. He marches to the beat of their drum and should he step out of line, they will revoke his ability to use anything Fallout.

In the end the goods news came in this post:

After 3 years, to the month, that the Herve tried to pull his “I don’t pay the little people” stunt, the mighty hand of Bethesda, and the threat of bankruptcy, finally forced Herve to pay me, to pay EVERYBODY.

Thank you Herve for the new 07 jeep, and my wife loves her new pt cruiser convertible.

Congrats to the many companies and former employees who had been previously ripped-off of what they were entitled, and I’ll keep an eye on Herve’s attempts to produce a MMORPG set in the Fallout world, either in France or the States, produced by what he calls the “Black Isle Studios”(???) team.


6 thoughts on “Interplay

  1. Fuck! Did you really needed to put the assface of the guy in the front page?! OMG!

    Anyway, what is he up to? Maybe he wants to have all the money to himself? Or is he going to spend it in a half-assed title?

  2. Notice that the Deathclaw is looking menacing at him 🙂

    Ahah, probably because of his shirt and mustache. He surely doesn’t have taste for looks… I’m surprise he is still alive, really. He is the one who made fallout decline…

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