Fallout 3 E3


From the Bethesda Blog, posted by Matt “Gstaff” Grandstaff:

Well not me, but Pete, Todd and a few others from our office are off to Santa Monica for this year’s smaller, more intimate version of E3. If I get any cool news from them, I’ll be sure to put it up. Hopefully, they’ll deliver some fun swag from the event as well…

In the meantime, what major predictions do you have for E3?

Be sure to check the E3 events on the E3Insider and the Bethesda Blog.


2 thoughts on “Fallout 3 E3

  1. I’m not very hopeful, the demo they made for the media gathering should be there and that’s it, but they might spread a bit more on the comments to the press, now that they’ve seen the reactions, on one hand, and because they need to give something new to win space on the E3 reviews; they will be competing for attention and publicity with many games, so they need to send a few hooks.

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