UGO now has a new Fallout 3 FAQ and newshub. Pretty uninspired stuff so far, but they are only starting. An example:

Like Oblivion and the first two Fallout games, your combat success is determined by your stats. Damage and accuracy will increase as you raise appropriate skills, or depending on your SPECIAL attributes. But, even though there’s a heavy RPG system behind it, you can play Fallout 3 as you would a twitch-based shooter, with all the chance-to-hit info hidden in the background. Run into a room and start blastin’ away, if you feel up to it!

But Fallout fanatics fear not! Fallout 3 also has an optional turn-based combat system called V.A.T.S. that you can use at any time during the game. Hitting the right bumper during combat will pause all action and zoom in on your nearest target, showing you chance-to-hit percentages for every part of its body. The head, for example, is much harder to hit than the torso, but bring up your skills enough and you’ll be knocking out headshots with ease.

When in turn-based combat mode, you’ll be spending Action Points to perform different, well, actions. Firing a gun or reloading takes up a certain amount of action points, and when you run out the game will pull out of turn-based mode, forcing you to play in real-time until the points recharge. Just like F1 and F2, more agility equals more action points, so don’t be hesitant to boost that stat if you’re into planning ahead.

It’s not a turn-based mode, it’s the Vaultec Assisted Targeting System! Geez!…

But they are right on something, Agility is the stat of choice in Fallout 3.


7 thoughts on “UGO FAQs

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  2. Another shit gaming “journalist” that can’t tell a hole in a ground from a game… Yeah, V.A.T.S. as turn based really is t3h aushumeh!

    And by the way, it’s not “fanatic”, it’s “fan” (abrev.).

    And agility will probably be a über stat… -_- Everyone maxing that up and there they go…

  3. Agility was the stat of choice for Fallout too, after Intelligence.

    And please don’t call it VATS, Briosafreak. It’s RTwP, calling it VATS just encourages spreading the lie that it’s something unique.

  4. Well it’s a bit different from pure RTwP, since it’s a device strictly for targeting and looking around, and that’s pretty much it. Maybe calling it constrained RPwP, or Time Freezed Rt combat? I still don’t know what to call it, really.

  5. “Damage and accuracy will increase as you raise appropriate skills, or depending on your SPECIAL attributes.”

    I wonder if this applies to guns as well? I don’t think the original Fallouts increased dmg done by firearms when you raised the appropiate skills, or did they?

  6. Well, it’s *a* form of RTwP no matter how you twist or turn it. I referred to it as “nerfed RTwP” shortly after hearing about it for the first time, and that sounds accurate. The term “VATS” is just a way to hype it through false advertising, tho’, and that’s unnecessary.

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