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I’ve added a Bartoneus on Fallout 3 article, compiling his replies to questions made at No Mutants Allowed and Fallout3: A post nuclear blog. My thanks go to Bartoneus from Critical-Hits, Killzig and Brother None. Here’s an excerpt:

Did anyone get specifics on the conditions? (broken legs, dehydration, radiation) More specifically, how the nuke catapult/launcher will impact your rad count?

No idea about broken legs/limbs with regards to the player, as to the enemies when a successful or critical shot hit the mutant’s leg it looked like it was injured/blown off and the mutant fell to the ground. With Radiation and Dehydration it was stated that the player will need to find sources of water, but no idea of time intervals or what necessitates your need for water. It was shown that when drinking water on the open ground a small amount of Radiation was gained, and that when water in an underground Metro toilet was used it had less radiation because it’s further underground/safer (but it’s also gross and brown). The mini-nuke weapon’s rounds left a small amount of lingering radiation and if fired at a target too close (as Todd did) you would gain Rad immediately.



I also added a piece by Morbus from, that might be interesting to understand the views of part of the Fallout fandom, here’s a small bit taken from it:

Fallout (the franchise) itself has different series. We have the main series, of course, with Fallout and Fallout 2, and then we have the BOS series, with FOBOS (and the now thankfully canceled FOBOS2) and the Tactics series, with Fallout Tactics and the now canceled Fallout Tactics 2. Three series inside one single franchise. What is it that makes them be of a single series? Setting, of course (even if not completely taken into account). What is it that makes them be of different series? You could say it’s their names (it wouldn’t be wrong), but we’re talking seriously here, so the correct answer is, of course, gameplay.

Thank you Morbus, more articles are coming in the next days.


5 thoughts on “New Articles

  1. What is it that makes them be of a single series?

    Sorry about this brios, I think I’ve made a mistake here, it’s franchise, and not series. Could you correct that please?

    And thanks for the cover 😀

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