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Speaking of gaming journalism one correspondent of German and English magazines in the States spoke about what he saw at the Fallout 3 media gathering on RPGCodex:

We saw one possible solution for one quest. We were told about SPECIAL, skills, perks, but didn’t see the full list or how the tests (?) in the Vault will influence those numbers. Ultima style? Oblivion? I prefer a classic sheet with points actually. We saw three, four battles. Ant, mutants, super mutants, behemoth. We saw no sub quest. We saw the world and I have to say that I like its looks. We were told that there would be more voice actors for less NPCs, instead of 1500 (Oblivion) “just” a few 100. We were not able to play the game ourselves. So, where does that leave me and my opinion? I think it *can* be a good game – *inspired* by Fallout. Kinda like a remix version with Bethesdas flavour. But not a direct sucessor that many F1/F2 fans would have liked it to be. You know, it’s Bethesda, not Bioware or Obsidian. They are for example not going to change their art pipeline and forget all that they have done before. Now, do I like that? The jury is still out on that. I wish I could’ve played it myself and would have been able to mess around with VATS and dialogue (the new and improved Radiant AI) and character stuff myself. That’s how I so far have ended each of my previews. Cause there is not more I can say at the moment about it. Anything else would be unfactual, wild guesses. Apologies if this wasn’t jubilant or spiteful enough – I wish I had more facts and experiences.

Very interesting and reasonable stuff, he asked me to remember everyone that

I’m posting here on my own behalf, not on that of my employer. And that I was asked for my opinion. And that I don’t want to bash anyone, neither you, nor Fallout fans, nor fellow journalist and not Bethesda.

Ok we get that, go and check his posts at RPGCodex, where he’s known as robur.


6 thoughts on “Classic sheet

  1. Best post in the last few weeks. This guy deserves a medal just for going and say that.

    P.S.: Shut up killzig, I already know you don’t like me so go away and mess with kids your age.

  2. Given the choice between a game inspired by Fallout with considerable flavor and a decent amount of lore and mechanics drawn from the original or nothing at all, I’ll happily take what I can get.

    Of course, I reserve the right to complain about it. There’s always the modding community, remember… 😉

  3. Lol, as if the modding community could do anything xD lol As if the modding community would CARE to do anything… With Age of Decadence to be released (hopefully) in the next year, and maybe afterfall too, I doubt there will be many hardcore fallout fans worrying enough to go through the trouble of cleaning bethesda’s crap… Besides, modding can’t fix everything. It can’t even fix most things…

    Also, I’d gladly choose to have nothing at all than a spin-off. I mean, would you choose to have FOBOS2 then FOBOS3 then FOBOS4 then FOBOS5 and so on? I wouldn’t, and by buying Fallout 3 you are choosing that…

  4. More “xD” and “lol” makes your posts more valid 😉 Morbus, the game obviously won’t satisfy you in any way, why are you fussing around it still?

  5. More “xD” and “lol” makes your posts more valid 😉

    It’s my way of speaking, and I know it probably “sounds” stupid and childish… -_- (see?) Still, I don’t think it detracts from the point.

    Morbus, the game obviously won’t satisfy you in any way, why are you fussing around it still?

    It’s the same reason I am around even after Fallout Tictacs, or after Fallout 3 got canceled because Interplay preferred Fallout Pile of Shit insteand, or after FOPOS was released. Even after that, I still love Fallout, and I still care… That is the reason I am still here. If only to mourn it…

    Morbus it’s just a little tough love.

    Aww… Shame on me for not understanding that. I thought you were serious. Shame on me…

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