Just another radiated day


Both the Fallout 3 FAQ at NMA and the one at the Fallout Wiki got a a really big face lift, although they are works in progress they already have a lot of information on the game, two must see links.


Podcasting fans should know that Pete Hines sat down with Major Nelson to discuss Fallout 3 in his most recent podcast, here are a few transcripts, courtesy of NMA:

Right. We certainly have a lot of the weapons from the original Fallout games in and we also added in a bunch of new ones. So you have a whole range of stuff from the BB gun in the vault when you’re 10 and first learn how to shoot, then there’s hunting rifles and Chinese assault rifles and this really cool weapon called the Fatman, which is a portable mini nuclear bomb watcher. It’s really insane when you see it go off.
One of the things that we found out with guns (…), which is much more difficult to do than with swords, is that when you don’t have bullets or little mini-nukes to shoot then that weapon is essentially useless. So it’s much easier to balance how much you’re allowed to use a particular weapon or by not only degrading its condition over time but also how much ammo is available over time (…) You can have a great weapon like the Fatman, but if you’re only going to have one nuke, you’re not going to go running around nuking people.

for our desk, the 360 is just a good base platform for us to work off, in terms of ease of design, the architecture and the hardware. We basically find that’s a good one to use as a base platform, but we can technically show it on the PC or PS3 if we wanted. But the 360 is, y’know, you have to pick on the show a demo on. (…) We’ve got pretty good at modeling our system to run well on that (Xbox) and run well on everything.


Speaking of the XBOX360 Silencer from NMA just showed me that Fallout3 is in the 360 Gamer list of downloadable content, and Maxconsole notes that:

Advertising coming to Xbox 360 achievements

In-game advertisting is something of a recent fad and the concept has been welcomed with open arms from major publishers which in turn have graced all types of games including FPS’s and MMO’s. Now in-game advertising seems to be venturing into new area’s – namely Xbox Live achievements. A look at the list of achievements for EA’s NCAA 08 Football shows sponsored goals including the Old Spice red zone perfection and Pontiac 4th quarter comeback, each achievement also correlates with an image of the company logo.

Who will sponsor the Fallout 3 achievements?


Finally DuckandCover has a new gallery with higher resolution versions of the Fallout 3 pics we’ve seen in the articles, go and have a look.


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