Fallout 3: Previews Galore!


This is a transcript from the Bethesda Blog, it covers a few of the many previews coming out:

Happy Sunday everyone. Since more of these will probably continue to pop-up I’m just going to add new ones to the bottom of the list as they come in.Rainier over at Worthplaying dropped me a note to let me know their preview of Fallout 3 is up, which includes five screens and some thoughts on their first look at Fallout 3.

Joystiq also has up their first look, as well as additional details in handy bullet point form, suitable for framing.

Gamespot has a hefty two-page preview up over on their site.

Wenn Sie Deutschen lesen können, hat buffed.de ihre Vorbetrachtung des radioaktiven Niederschlags 3 oben. PC Action will have a cover story on Fallout 3 in their next issue, which is out July 20. Wundervoll!

Kris Graft over at Next-Gen.biz has a lengthy preview up that talks about the game, my alleged sprinkler dance, and a shot of the Bloody Mess cake I had made (I’ll put a separate entry together about that tomorrow).

[slightly off topic] If you blindfolded someone and gave them a bowl of Grape Nuts and a bowl of gravel, I’m convinced they wouldn’t be able to tell which is which. You gotta work nights and weekends to make a cereal hurt your jaw this much. I admire that kind of commitment, I just wish they’d have applied it in a different direction. Like, I dunno, taste? [/slightly off topic]

Eurogamer has posted their own rather lengthy and nicely in-depth preview on Fallout 3. Glad to see John is sighing with relief over what he saw. Trust me, we’re very aware of the “Prove It” vibe that is out there.

On the taste thing I’m convinced of the opposite actually. Well I’ll put more links to previews right away.


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