Critical Hits strike a critical Fallout 3 preview


The bloody mess cake is really cool, I have to say.

Anyway Critical Hits will feature some articles on Fallout 3 and the media gathering around it last month, here’s a small preview:

If you played Oblivion, and odds are you did for at least a few minutes, you no doubt know that the game’s third person view was less then satisfying. Very surprisingly, they informed us that apparently players in America play Oblivion in first person view, while European players are all playing from the third-person perspective. This affirmed the need to really ramp up the character modeling, movements, and textures for Fallout 3. In a nutshell, they succeeded brilliantly.

Everything that is visual about this game looks stunning in motion, so much so to the point that it looked natural to be playing the game from over-the-shoulder, and at one point Todd zoomed all the way out and up to an isometric view while running and it still looked beautiful. For all of you purists out there, I’m not sure if you can play the entire game from that view. We didn’t get to see how it would act when indoors or in more confined spaces, but outdoors it worked like a dream. Forget calling this game ‘Oblivion with guns’, that’s like saying that Half Life 2 is just ‘Doom with a story’.

My favorite piece is a summary of the questions and answers that happened on the media gathering:

Q: Will the PC Version require Direct X 10? (what kind of computer nerd asked this?)
A: There was no direct answer that I heard, but Todd Howard expressed his distaste in games (Shadowrun) doing “bullshit” like requiring Vista. They noted that there will be the option for changeable font sizes on the PC to resolve some of the issues with menus that were encountered in Oblivion.

Q: Are all versions (PC/360/PS3) at the same stage of development?
A: Yes. We were shown the demo run on a 360 because Todd claimed it, “shows better in the theater”.

Now, during the demo, there were many loading screens which displayed random stats from your time in the game, one of which popped up said, “Corpses Eaten: 0” Someone asked about this and Todd Howard seemed kind of surprised that it had gotten in to the demo, simply saying it is a “perk thing”.

Q: Do enemies scale to the player, and what is the leveling system based on?
A: The leveling system for the player is based on Fallout 1. Not all enemies scale to the player, there are definitely areas of the game where if you venture alone or without protection of some kind you will easily die. The example used was that all Super Mutants are basically the same difficulty throughout the game, but that equipment like armor and weapons in different areas will make some tougher or some easier. You will not be encountering a mutant early on that takes one shot to kill and some later on that take 30 unless one is wearing 50 tons of armor.

Thanks to Critical Hits for the heads up, there are a lot more in there, go read it.


5 thoughts on “Critical Hits strike a critical Fallout 3 preview

  1. Wow! Great read. My optimism is paying off… It seems like it’s shaping up to be a reasonable sequel, imo. They’re doing some stuff different, obviously, but the more I read the more excited I get about it.

    I just wish it was still set in the West… it’s going to be weird with that wasteland/cowboy mentality in the Northeast.

  2. Couple interesting pieces of newer info for me from worthplaying:

    – There will be fast travel, since the world is as big as that of Oblivion, but the details of how it is done is not revealed.

    Fallout 3 features both new and old robots, including the handyman. It will also boast many new weapons, like the "Rock-It-Launcher," which is basically a toaster which can fire numerous items at your enemies. Fallout 3 also includes the ability to create your own items using a crafting system, as well as combine two weapons to make one stronger or more durable. Another cool new weapon is the "Lunch Box Explosive," which consists of a simple lunchbox from the pre-war days that is loaded up with explosives and can send your enemies soaring.

    The devs also revealed that 20 songs from the 1940s have already been licensed to appear in the game.

  3. Reading through this Q&A makes me feel very good about what we are going to see in FO3. I agree that the final product may look different, but if all this comes true FO3 will be a hell of a game.
    The fast travel question did throw me a little. FO did kind of have fast travel, where you clicked on your location on the world map and you went there, but there was always the chance for random encounters. I think they have to have random encounters. That is a fun aspect of the game that does not make sense to remove.

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