Bethesda 2.0


All the gaming blogs are chearing the grand opening of Bethesda Blog, just listen to Kotaku:

Just in time to leech it for information about Fallout 3, Bethesda has launched a company blog. The Beth Blog has been quietly in the works by the Maryland crew for quite awhile, Pete Hines, tells me. But apparently there was some sort of hang-up with permission slips. The currently the blog is a little sparse, with absolutely no revelations about Fallout 3, not even a nice crisp high-res screen shot. Get on that guys, will ya?

How about Joystick:

Those frisky Fallout 3 forgers at Bethesda have enlisted into the League of Extraordinary Bloggers. The Bethesda Blog certainly looks like a blog: posts listed reverse chronologically, tags, an RSS feed. Yep, everything seems there. If they want any advice, try here.

The blog will provide more community-oriented information about the developer and its games, such as fan art galleries, according to VP of Public Relations and Marketing Pete Hines. (Check out their Forza 2 car designs.) Also published is the first in what is planned to be a series of short Q&A’s with Bethesda staffers. The premier Inside the Vault post features Fallout 3 lead designer Emil Pagliarulo answering “fan questions from the forums” but reveals no new details on the game.

Well Destructoid went a bit too far, this much excitement is a bit silly:

Let me show you our industry pals. Our industry pals, let me show you them. All of our fans already knew that Destructoid was made of epic win and sugar-coated awesomesauce, but for those who are yet to be swayed by the velvet rogues who give you the best news from the best writers in the business, perhaps an endorsement from, I don’t know, Bethesda Softworks might help? The Oblivion guys? Yes, those are the ones. Now proud affiliates of the Bethesda Blog, the Destructoid crew adds yet another badge to its blazer proclaiming that we are kind of a big deal.This is yet another strawberry on the cheesecake of triumph that Destructoid has been eating from during just this month alone. We’ve been breaking personal bests, making some magnificent friends and proving wrong all who said we’d never hang with the cool crowd. There are many big fish in small ponds who’d look down on Dtoid, but now we swim with sharks. All these metaphors and more can be yours for just $9.99.

Honestly, it’s been such a fantastic month for Destructoid and we wanted to share some of our great personal news with the readers who come here and share their love daily. Daily and intimately. It’s not that we have arrived, it’s just that the world is finally realizing it. Play on, maestro!

FO3:PNB take on the new Bethesda Blog:

Bethesda has a new blog.


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