More Meet the Devs, now Gavin “Kathode” Carter speaks:

2. Do you own a console? If yes, what is it? If no, do you plan to buy one someday?

I have and regularly play an Xbox 360 and a PS2. Oh, also a DS.

3. what’s the specification of your computer at home?

2Ghz MacBook smile.gif Until recently I kept a PC around for gaming, but after years of patching up problems with duct tape both metaphorical and real, it finally kicked the bucket last month. Looks like I’ll be a console-only gamer for a while, but I remembered I’ve always wanted to try some of Jeff Vogel’s games, and this is probably a good excuse.

He’s also very proud of his Forza Motosports cars:


Moving on to Gary “VXSS” Noonan:

What PC games are you playing right now?

Just beat C&C: Tiberium Wars and started playing STALKER again.

Which PC games are you looking forward to playing this summer?

Hmmm, dunno. My eye is on console titles for this summer.

Is the PC game genre still dying after all these years of magazines saying it?

Sadly, I see a decline and I myself have been slowly converted over to the Dark Side of the Consoles. Just my opinion though.

Warhammer Online recently decided they would not have an online forum after seeing how poorly things have went for the WoW boards. Do you think it’s a smart move?

I guess they have their reasons. I have never seen the WoW boards, so I dont really have enough knowledge of it. Perhaps they should try our boards for a day. wink.gif

I would like to know what the devs think about general negative feedback from Fallout fanbase all around the world after Game Infromer Q&A goes public (read: main game design decisions are known)?

Well, with negative, there is always some positive too. Its the positive feedback that keeps me going personally.

There’s more here.


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