Neat and funny

No Mutants Allowed updated their Fallout 3 FAQ, and Ausir came out with a new Fallout 3 FAQ for the Fallout wiki. Neat.


Finish magazine Pelaaja scaned the game Informer pics and published them on the pages of their last issue. Funny.

For better scans of the pictures (not the entire article) you can check Tiscali Games Fallout 3 preview.

Edit: Galvan at NMA  is saying those are Bethsoft scans made for the press, and not from GI. Thanks Galvan.




4 thoughts on “Neat and funny

  1. I don’t have time to comment on NMA directly, but where’d you figure your date for the “embargo” ?

    I’m also curious if there’s any backlash for these people breaking their NDA’s left and right…

  2. Well it should be fifteen days after the release of the GI mag, so it should be almost finishing, we’ll see next week.

    The majority of those places didn’t sign a NDA.

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