Devastated DC Week


Last week the mood changed a bit on the Meet the Devs topic on the Bethesda Games Studio Fallout 3 Forum. It still produced some good one liners and a few interesting moments of feedback, but the tension on the Forum started to creep in.

Anyway here are some highlights, starting with Gary “VXSS” Noonan:

What do you think of Fallout’s old turn based system?

Back then, it was ok, but I never really thought about it then. I don;t have the patience for TB nowadays though.

What could have been made differently?

Seriously don’t know. I may get the hammer for this one, but I actually enjoyed having the ability to turn off TB in Tactics.[…]

If you are a Fallout fan; do you find Fallout 3 to be satisfying?

I am a fan and I do find it appealing.

Go and get your hammers ready!



Now for Erik J. “DoctorSpooky” Caponi:

1) Do you think RPG’s and FPS games should be mixed in a way or another?

2) If you are a Fallout fan; do you find Fallout 3 to be satisfying?

3) Do you work on Fallout 3 willingly or is it just a business for you?

4) How long did it take to create the full outline of gameplay mechanics before development?

1) Sure, why not? First person is only one way of viewing the game world. It says very little about the game itself, if you ask me. Just because it’s primarily been used for linear action shooters doesn’t mean that the perspective itself lacks value in terms of how it can be used in other genres.

2) I do. I wouldn’t be here otherwise. Obviously, I’ve known what the game was going to be for quite some time and I still jumped on board.

3) Well, they chained me to the desk and this dark elf guy won’t stop telling me that I’m going to die down here, but other than that, I’m here willingly. Seriously though, no one makes games as a job and nothing more. There are much easier ways to make money. Look up a game industry salary survey and compare the numbers there to other, similar industries.

4) Game mechanics are a first in/last out thing. They are designed before anything else and you are changing and tweaking them until the minute that the game ships. They’re never done.

You are aware that not all the Fallout fans are disgruntled nay-sayers about anything of what we know about Fallout 3 so far, right? -_-

i do know that you’re out there, but it’s nice to hear from you. 🙂

And Fred “Fizzbang” Zeleny added this in reply to the previous question:

I had heard the tales, but I had thought them only the wishful thinkings of sun-addled youths! To believe that such a wondrous creature exists — no, it’s too much for this old, waste-burnt wanderer to accept.

But what’s this? You bear the mark foretold in the prophecies? A glowing beacon, with radiating spokes of black and gold!

By the wastes’ glow, the legends are true, and we may yet have hope for the future!

Mark “Wolfric Tugmutton” Lampert:

Without giving anything away, have you encountered moments in the creation process where you were giddy at the thought of Fallout Fans seeing what you have created for the first time?

Oh yeah, fairly regularly. Most of the time it occurs when I see some new piece of art or a character that someone is working on and it gives me something to work with in terms of getting started with any corresponding sounds. I get excited about it myself because I can’t wait to see it go into the hands of the world and level builders and see what they do with it all. New programming changes get me excited, too, because the work the coders do is often invisible but of course very far reaching. Toward the end of a game’s development cycle when aspects of the game are being tweaked and tuned, code adjustments behind the scenes can really do wonders for a game, to say nothing of all the work they do as a whole just to keep the whole thing running smoothly in the first place. There are countless instances of seeing something in the game, getting really excited about it and thinking about what it’ll be like for people who are coming to the came with no prior knowledge of it to experience it for the very first time.

Are there moments where you have felt the opposite imagining FO Fans seeing what you have done?

Yeah, of course. I haven’t seen anything which makes me think, “Oh, they’ll hate that,” but only that I don’t know which way it’ll go. A lot of the time I’ve found that if there’s something standing out so much that it makes me concerned, chances are that there are already a bunch of other folks on the team who feel the same way, and it’s either already in the process of being changed or will be soon when everyone makes their thoughts known. We are all both creators and judges the whole way.

Christiane “Maverique” Meister:

If you were walking out late at night, and met someone who said “I am the world’s most rabid Fallout Fan. I have Google Maps. I have traveled far. Who… who are YOU?” What would you say?

Actually, this happened just recently. Not the late at night part, but nonetheless. We were enjoying the sun for a bit outside the building, when this guy comes up and asks if we are the heads of Bethesda. We said we were the toes.

Megan “Ghostgirl” Sawyer:

I challenge any of the devs to come here and honestly say they enjoy turn-based combat.

‘Kay. biggrin.gif I love turn based games, but sometimes you can run across some that become tedious. My sister and I are the only ones of our friends (note: friends, not necessarily coworkers wink.gif) who can stand turn based games because of that. Gotta keep in mind that one person’s opinion doesn’t really foretell what kind of game we’re making. Heck, if we couldn’t make a game because one person didn’t like something, we wouldn’t make anything. smile.gif Actually, I bet we’d make Guitar Hero. Nobody doesn’t like Guitar Hero.

Seems I’m the only person in the world that doesn’t like Guitar Hero…

Well another week another Meet the Devs, go and read it.


13 thoughts on “Devastated DC Week

  1. I think we just have to face that fact that FO3 will not be TB. I think the VATS system is a nice compromise between Real time, first person and the old 3rd person, turned based system. I’m a little confused why having 3rd person is so important to people. IMHO first person is more imersive. And since I’m not a FPS player I think having (VATS) a way to pause the action and pick my actions is great. It is the best of both worlds, not the worst of them.

  2. Finally bit the bullet and registered an account on WordPress.

    We will have to wait and see, Gilfander, remembered unfulfilled promises of revolutionary AI for Oblivion. Even if it sounds nice on paper, and I don’t think that V.A.T.S. accomplishes that so far (though that is due to Mark Miller alone), Bethesda has shown that they are not above over-hyping lackluster features.

    There is also the question of purchasing a franchise only to dismiss a large amount of the original design decisions. Frankly, it seems that Bethesda have been proving themselves the wrong people for the job.

    You don’t like Guitar Hero Briosa? I wouldn’t play it on my own, but in the proper social context it is great fun.

  3. Brios,

    Do you actually play guitar? I find a lot of people that are guitar players don’t actually like the game very much for some reason. As Tannhauser says though, it really shines in a more social context. Nothing like making an ass out of yourself in front of your friends. You could say the same thing about getting loaded and playing beer pong though, so take that FWIW.

  4. Beer pong rocks!

    I like the Wii social games, don’t like musical games though, honestly don’t know why. My wife was on a band and all, we have guitars and keyboards, and my kid spends 100 euros everytime he goes to buy CDs, so we have a taste for music, but I don’t get it. Don’t know why, I just don’t.

    Fallout 3 will be played mainly in first person with real time combat, with “invisible” APs in the same way as Oblivion Mana.

    Then you can use a time stopping feature, to gain access to called shots using the new APs, but that’s hardly the best of two worlds. Might be more fun than Oblivion’s combat, we’ll see.

  5. Guitar Hero sucks man! Even more for an actual guitar player… -_-

    I was going to write an article titled “Genre Chaos: The Thing That Should Not Be” after I read the first part of your post (named after Metallica’s track, of course), but then I lost concentration… Left it half-done at best…

    One thing stood out as obvious, though… HEY EVERYONE! READ THIS THING HERE! IT’S ABOUT FPS’S AND RPG’S MIXED TOGETHER!!!

    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. is more of an RPG than Oblivion ever hoped to be. -_-

    Yeah, this pretty much set the mood for my now suspended article… STALKER could be considered an RPG but it is an FPS… Oblivion is an FP Action Adventure game and was meant to be considered an RPG… Enfim…

  6. I have lost a lot of interest in the game since the GI article came out. As for VATS, I doubt it will succeed in giving me a proper replacement for TB combat. I’m curious though – is there any game with a RTwP system that can compare tactically to some of the better TB systems? I’ve recently decided to play X-COM Apocalypse in TB and RTwP in order to compare them, and the difference is drastic. Though RTwP is the one that is more finished, it just isn’t on the same level tactically. I find it sad, because had Mythos only done TB combat, and done it properly, it would have been somewhat superior to UFO and TFTD.
    (Speaking about combat specifically, not the game itself)

    Something I haven’t seen mentioned is how are critical misses going to function? Will they only be reserved for the AP combat, or will they be in FPS mode as well? It would be hilarious to see people get frustrated because they suddenly don’t have ammo and they can’t figure out why. 😀

  7. You know I completely forgot about crits, good question.

    After reading the article and the Q&A session with Matt I stopped thinking about the game in Fallout terms, and started seeing it as a hybrid, not of genres but of two particular series, Deus Ex and GTA, and how they are trying to add something to both games.

    Of course one finds things from Gears of war, Resistance, Oblivion and here and there of Fallout or even Zelda, but I can’t seem to understand why the called shots system was devised, there’s no need of that on a Deus Ex/GTA hybrid. That’s one thing I’ll have to ask them one day, why did they come up with that.

  8. best content per keystroke. FZ comes in at a solid second.

    I told him it was a shame he wasn’t quest designing/writing part of the story.

    The sound guy. the wolf man.

    Is VATS strictly for called shots? I thought it was for called shots and just taking shots in general? How are they balancing regular FPS/real time combat with the gun to hit % ? Wouldn’t it make it almost a negative to use VATS if you’re going to suffer from a to hit % when you can just aim in real time?

  9. I believe they will use similar mechanics Deus Ex used… Or something different, but from what todd said, it’s very likely they’ll make stats matter even in FP…

  10. I think there are a number of different way to do this. Deus Ex is one in a ‘aiming’ mode or maybe like KotOR with a real time FP interface but with stat driven to-hit numbers.
    BTW did we know when all the folks invited to media day will be allowed to speak? In other words how long is the GI exclusive for?

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