Smells like Sunday

I love quick roundups at Sunday, they smell like…Sunday?…

Well anyway let’s start with two articles on the current state of Fallout 3 as seen by Brother None at No Mutants Allowed, and Gareth “Section 8” Davies (former Fallout Tactivs dev) at RPGCodex. Thought inducing stuff. I should finish my own article, been delaying it for too long, but real life brings other priorities.


The entire “Ask Miller about Fallout 3” article showed up on UKGamespot. Really important piece, go read it.


Full Frontal Nerdiness has a comic about Fallout and geeks, and I found this piece on Something Awfull quite a good read, it’s like a kitchen version of the Bethesda Games Fallout 3 forum and NMA all together. Click on it to see the full version.



4 thoughts on “Smells like Sunday

  1. In his own words

    I can’t reply to your mails since i had to do a lot of work in a very limited schedule, and my desktop fried the power source early today, I’m using the laptop in difficult conditions. I have a lot of musics like that one though, really a lot 🙂

    NMA is starting work on the 10 years of Fallout, DAC will too I think, don’t know for sure, your idea is fine, good luck.

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