Very limited Unlimited

Game Informer Unlimited is online, with EXCLUSIVE video interviews with Todd Howard and Istvan Pely, and the EXCLUSIVE Ask Miller about Fallout 3 feature, that we low lives that can’t or won’t subscribe to GI can’t see.

For some more EXCLUSIVE Fallout 3 stuff we need to wait another twelve to thirteen days to buy the mags and read the gaming sites that went to Bethsoft’s media gathering a few days ago.

Remember that you can’t ask the developers anything about what is said on Game Informer’s Unlimited EXCLUSIVE interviews and info.



15 thoughts on “Very limited Unlimited

  1. Extremely extreme epic superimmersive megaexclusivity!

    It’s so exclusive that one of my computer fans actually stopped working (no kidding) when I clicked the GI link.

    Seriously, hopefully someone is subscribed to this magazine and can give us the scoop on what is said here, though I wonder if it’s anything interesting.

  2. this just make me dislike GI even more… FO3 is far from release I’ll wait and keep my diginity thank you very much 🙂

  3. As I mentioned earlier, a friend is going to E3, so if you wish, you can give me your questions and I will relay them to him.

  4. If people want to send some questions so Gimli can forward them do use this comments at will. Thanks Gimli

    We’ll have some info on the Unlimited Fallout feature tomorrow or in the days to come. There’s strong defense of the superiority of first person perspective by Todd Howard in the interview, that’s all I know for now.

  5. Oh thank you very much Gimli! I will have to think of some more meaningful question when I get home and not hastily posting at work 😛
    But for now, I would like to know the following:
    1) Camera mode, is it free camera? How far out can one zoom?
    2) Any option to click-move, or click-do-something? Instead of using WSAD?
    3) Can key NPCs be killed? (like the father 🙂 ) And how will age of the PC be handled?
    4) will there be a PC version of the UI? (please say yes bethsoft! )
    5) How moddible (sp?) is the game?
    6) Not really a question, but a suggestion: due to the mature nature of FO, why not ship out multiple ESRP versions of the game? Make one rated M, and one rated AO complete with groin shot 🙂 Let the consumer be the one that make the decision of what they would like to experience.

    that is it for now, thanks again.

    Brios, when you said “strong Defense” do you mean that the defense that Todd gave actually make a lot of sense, and may actually appeal to the old-gen fans? Or do you mean that he just spent most of the interview talking about how First person is the next best thing and that is that? (I am hopeful for the former explanation)

  6. “There’s strong defense of the superiority of first person perspective by Todd Howard in the interview, that’s all I know for now.”

    Oh dear… This will be interesting to read. I will guess that part of the explanation will be that it’s much easier for the player to feel like he is in the game when playing through 1st person perspective.

    How do you get that info btw? Have friends that are subscribed to it? Thanks for the upcoming info anyways.

  7. I second all Briosafreak’s questions and add one more to ’em. I would like to know about party members. Will we be able to recruit anyone charismatic like Myron or Sulik?

  8. I have read the transcribed version from NMA, which questions are already answered? I only read through it once so I may have missed some stuff.

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