No Scans Allowed


No Mutants Allowed had to remove the scans of the Game Informer article about Fallout 3, when ordered to do so by GI’s legal department.

No Mutants Allowed had a duty of showing the first Fallout 3 info in full, without interpretations or summaries, so Fallout fans could see and interpret the thing for themselves. Of course that Game Informer should defend their copyright rights, and their fifteen days window of exclusivity deal with Bethsoft, so there’s nothing dramatic or particularly evil here.

I just wished Bethsoft had taken the Stracraft II path instead, and carry a massive PR display putting everyone in the same playing field, making American and foreign fans happy, and giving info that every media outlet could use. But that’s not their culture, that it is based in careful negotiation of exclusives in order to have gains in the future, secrecy and understating the role of organized fan communities in current day word of mouth and viral marketing context.

It’s just their corporate culture, I won’t moan much about it on the future, we’ll see if that strategy will have the same success as it did with Oblivion, it could happen. For other ideas on this subject take a look on these comments at this blog, to find the scans just google for them.


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