I got this summary of the VATS combat system from Brother None at NMA, it’s pretty accurate as far as I can read:

Here’s a short description, based one on one on the Game Informer article, with a few quotes:
The combat is real-time. V.A.T.S. allows players to pause (if they wish to). When you pause, you can target an enemy, in which case you’ll zoom in on him and can aim for body parts, with percentages for to-hit chances showing up like in the originals.

You have a set number of action points based on agility. “Every combat move you make will deplete this supply”, while your AP count will regenerate in realtime at a rate set by your agility.

If your action points are depleted, you can continue in real time, but this will significantly slow down the recovery of action points.

Summarized: V.A.T.S. is RTwP, with aiming abilities when you pause and with a limited number of pauses depending on PC stats.

Todd Howard notes the following:
“We don’t want to be rewarding twitch play. It’s not an action game, it’s a role-playing game.”

Bethsoft wanted a new system, they made a new system, and they should explain the new system and deal with it. No suggestions can be made now that could count to anything, so what’s done is done, maybe people will like it, maybe not.
What they should do is stop spreading misinformation. Please Bethsoft this is your game, you say whatever you want with it and make whatever you want with it, just don’t spread misinformation like calling this “turn based”, people will notice it isn’t sooner or later and you’ll have a backlash. I’ve seen tens of places on the net with people relieved because the game can be played “on a turn based mode”, when that’s not true.

Even if there isn’t a backlash spreading wrongful ideas is always wrong per se, some of you reminded me of that a few times, now it’s time for you also to play fair and square on this . Please don’t promise things you didn’t implement and don’t plan on implement, that’s not nice. Please?

Edit: LeDriver from RPGBlog just pointed out that there’s not one reference to turn based on the article, so Bethsoft is doing the right thing. Thanks LeDriver, and I hope BethSoft puts the record straight and stops the fanboys of continuing to spread the wrongful idea that the game is turn based.




20 thoughts on “VATS

  1. not sure, maybe when you scroll down you’ll see the other parts available to shoot like groin and legs.

    but that targeting just smells console. I can’t understand what was wrong about interface and aiming screen in previous FOs not to include it. there’s only one explanation I see: consolification.

    I see the idea that Beth is trying to make it more realistic.. but Fo was never about realism. It’s more comic-styled. oh, damn..
    we’re doomed (c)

  2. it was demo’d on a 360, let’s wait and see if the PC version’s interface is just a quick and dirty translation rather than an honest to god application before we go after The Todd.

  3. something makes me sure it won’t differ too much. when a game is made for different platforms they try to make it to look and play as much similar on different platforms as possible, so I don’t expect something *dramatically* (hey, that guy from GI just loves this word) new.

    but yeah, let’s wait and see.

  4. mayyyybeeee…
    *installing FO1*

    the thing is I personally don’t like mods too much, I like playing the original games. and when the original sucks I most probably will not play it, even modded. but that’s me. I’m too talkative today, need to stop 🙂

  5. They are giving the combat Gears of War and Final fantasy Fans XII wanted, not what this Fallout fan wanted. That’s ok, this is the game they are making not me, but wrongfully calling it TB will let console FPS/Action RPGs fans cold, and Turn based fans, that have played anything from Pokemon to Fallout, from Civilization to Silent Storm incredulous to what they see. If it isn’t TB don’t call it TB for marketing reasons, since it doesn’t work anyway.

    I’m still bothered with this, there’s no need to spread that idea, no need whatsoever.

  6. hm.. but what about burst shots? they are not targeted… I wonder how will it be implemented in that VATS.

    need to see some demo of its work

  7. Hey briosafreak, just wondering where there is a quote from someone at Bethesda saying V.A.T.S. is a turn-based system? I read through the Game Informer article and it’s not called turn based at any point. Did they say it somewhere else?

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  9. I had a post on 6 or seven, about the Starcraft posters with Falloutish stuff, and the blog also went to the top ten a few times (in a million blogs, nice). They aren’t counting the feed stats though, a shame.

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