Level Scaling?…

Ooopsss, bad news, this is from a post made by Desslock on the Quarter to Three forum:

Originally Posted by Matt Perkins

, give a Praise Jesus! for the no leveling bad guys.



Originally Posted by Igor Muravyev

I hope they don’t bring back the level scaling crap. Ever.


Desslock:You’re reading too much into the Gaming Informer statement. The actual situation is more “complicated”. Sorry, but I’m obliged to be cryptic right now.

Damn, I hope that doesn’t mean what I think it means…


14 thoughts on “Level Scaling?…

  1. I don’t know, but that’s what is said in GI:

    “Unlike Oblivion, Fallout 3 does not scale your encounters to fit your current level. Wander into a dangerous zone alone, and you shouldn’t be surprised when that Super Mutant beats your head in”

  2. Perhaps Desslock has outdated information? Things could have changed since he visited Bethesda. Still din’t like the sound of that.

  3. Morrowind had level scaling and it didn’t scale encounters… Anyway, level scaling is counter-productive and is against the basis of Role-Play. Anyone that agrees with its implementation (even if in single bits) should be killed to death…

  4. I personally hope it will be as bad or even worse than Oblivion. Level scaling for the win, mindless brainless witless stupid situations, retard gameplay, bad story, all of that. At least that way there will be a slight chance Bethesda will go down the drain…

    I could bear the retard twitch gameplay, the retard dumbed-down 14 skills SPECIAL, the retard unimmersive dumbed-down HUD, the dumbed-down world map, I could even bear the stupid unimaginative brainless hand-held-nuclear-catapults… If they didn’t have:
    – Nuclear cars?!?!?”? $O#$_ªOJt-d sxkm
    – I *HAVE* to go after my father?!?!?! WHAT!??!#$O “=
    – Do bad things to achieve good things?! I hope they don’t FORCE the player into actually doing bad things to get be the “good” guy (like Fallout 2 did).
    – BoS hunting down mutants!?= ?!?!? “!?!?!?!!!
    – Mutants attacking on sight!??!?! I though this was about MORAL ambiguity and CHOICES not big bad guys wanting to heat your ass! mn

  5. bahh, I hate partial information. I am gonna remain optimistic. Worst case scenerio, I am fine with some form of limited scaling of levels, but NOT equipment and weapons! I don’t care what level my enemy will be, as long as I am the one with the bozar and he has a punny pistol I am fine with it 🙂

  6. Or maybe the other way around, only equipments are scaled. In that case, I think I’d laugh my ass off when I kill a rat and get from it a gauss rife…

    After the initial amusement, I will proceed to cry and pray that the story and the dialogs of the game is awesome, and I will never have to fight again to reach the end….

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