Ok that’s Fallout 3 alright

I’ve confirmed the description bellow is legit, on two different sources that have the mag right now, but getting the mag is important because there are things in this description that could be better worded or aren’t very clear. After I get the mag myself I’ll start asking questions about what is said in there.

Ok now we’re going somewhere.


27 thoughts on “Ok that’s Fallout 3 alright

  1. I found out a place that sells the mag on my city, but it takes at least fifteen days to arrive. buying on the net will take some time too, so I’ll just have to wait for the scans too, hopefully later today.

  2. *eh, my name is already taken here, have to use words for number*

    I haven’t yet decided to worry or not about the combat, ’cause I don’t get the idea of that from those leaks. as far as I live in Russia, it seems almost impossible to get GI. So I hope to look through scans when someone gets them..
    and what about bethesda’s policy about copyrighted materials? if NMA or you post those GI scans, will they delete links to these sites from pinned topic on forum?

  3. Yup, waiting for a scans too…by no chance I’ll get this magazine… and if I read the scans, then why won’t do it before the monday 🙂 Hope they’ll arrive soon…

  4. Huh… Seems VATS is a turn based system (OR Faux turn based…) and it goes off what you spend your action points… Sucks, so byebye modding Fallout 3 for me… 😛 Anyway, I still don’t know, but maybe it’s a “fun” system? Yeah, because it will probably throw tactics into the wind…

  5. http://www.nma-fallout.com/forum/album_page.php?pic_id=2279

    VATS aside, I get flashbacks to Morrowind/Oblivion with this picture. And alec just pointed out what it was that obthered me. He looks like an Orc. And I dislike the Vault suits. As for traits, I am guessing you could see them in the general section of the Pip-Boy. You can’t change them during the game (under normal circumstances), so why have a separate section? It wouldn’t make sense for that specific choice of designing the character screen.
    They have a new font, which I dislike.

  6. Gimli, true.

    and this console-style. f*ck it. where are my retro-style counters? damn. how am I able to see how many HPs do I have? Interface totally sucks as it’s consolish.

    Vault suits are quite ok for me.
    that VATS as i see it now is more TB than RT. It seems like it RT when the your turn ends.. but… is there any turn? or there are 495 APs? 😦

    I don’t like the inventory and skills are built in that small pipboy thingie. It smells STALKER to me.

    and yes.. Bethesda’s tried to fix what was not broken.
    still there are some nice things and things that are ok and could be much worse, it will be a nice game to play, I think, but not true FO.

  7. Well, I’ve read the entire article now. It looks rather 50/50. Some things sound good, some don’t. The thing is, the thing that sound good, are things that you cannot judge until you’ve actually played the game. Choice and consequence is the most obvious candidate here. There’s a lot of way it could turn out to be badly executed. VATS sounds like a bad compromise. The only tactical options seem to be aimed shots. And pausing the game will kill the action feel so it will likely fail there as well.
    Overall, there is nothing there that assures me there will be good things. We shall see, said the blind. 😉

  8. By the way, I assume critical hits could be in the game, what about critical failure? And if it’s there, how to implement it in their combat system?

  9. you are doing an awesome job as it is. And don’t worry, should any FO3 news pop up and you didn’t post yet, I am sure one of us FO addicts will be posting here to remind you to update 😉

  10. Thanks, but I am pissed to miss this, I’ve waited for the info all day long, stayed indoors most of the time, didn’t get much work done, and in the end when it comes out…I fell asleep. 😦

  11. haha it happens to the best of us… God knows how unproductive I was every tuesday for the past month 🙂

    I was awaken by punk kids causing a rucus outside my apt building, but I guess I should thank them, since they woke me up just in time to see the scans 🙂

    btw, I’d grab a copy of the scans myself if I were you, I imagine NMA are getting hammered with people right now

  12. hey, Briosa, no worries about falling asleep. Such things happen. More interesting is what do you think of what you’ve read and seen?

  13. That has to wait a bit 13PM, i need to read things carefully, and the scans aren’t of good quality, I’ll need to check them better, so I’ll start talking about it tonight or tomorrow.

    I’ll have the mag in a week or so too, couldn’t get one sooner, bah

  14. I think, we’ll see more soon. Maybe the articles from those who were invited to that media event at Bethesda, and I think it won’t be so long until a website will be launched. But I’m not sure if I would like to hear anything. Bethesda manages to make it that way, that info is bittersweet 50/50. Some info makes me really excited, but some kills any hope.

  15. yeah I am waiting to see more info from atomicpc, or ve3d. I want to see a more PC oriented and less fluff-filled preview.

  16. In my experience, articles like these often get things wrong. It would be nice if the devs would start talking about the game more on the forum. Perhaps a new thread is in order?

  17. maybe after 18th, Gimli, when GI is officially on the shelves. Especially I’d like to hear something from fizzbang and dr.spooky.

    Oh, is it my guess or… your father is a doctor in FO3? that’s why he’s wearing a mask. In the screenshot (page 54) he’s dressed like a doctor… hmmm…

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