New header from an original picture taken by Wooz69 in New York. Check his gallery, he rocks. I’ll be changing the header from time to time, trying to show community based work.


8 thoughts on “Header

  1. nice art!

    brios, is that you on the VE3d board? Looks like we have to wait for the stupid magazine to hit the news stand first before anyone can spill any beans…

    I respect the views from folks at VE3D, and their remark about the trip is giving me hope.

  2. Ah thanks for the links!

    Very cool that he not only worked on Van Buren but the idea itself is a very good one, and easily applied to table top or any other RPG it would be a neat mechanic.

  3. yeah I definitely considered baiting for more FO3 info, but past attempts have failed so I don’t expect baiting to work…

    need more info…

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