Fallout 3 true or false?

This can be an elaborate hoax, or the truth, I can’t confirm this nor deny it until a couple of days from here, except for a few details,but here goes, courtesy of Sallokin, a member of the NeoGaf forum:

The article is based on an hour long demo GI was given. I’ll list the high points

– Game runs on an evolved version of the Oblivion engine. Third person view has been reworked since the verdict was that the Oblivion version sucked balls.

– Game starts with your birth and your mother’s death in a vault hospital. This is essentially the character customization part of the game. Your father hands you up to have your DNA analyzed and you get to pick out all your character traits. Your dad takes off his mask to reveal similar traits to the ones you picked.

– You grow up in the vault and as you grow you get your first book titled “You’re Special” which allows you to choose you baseline stats for each of your 7 primary aptitudes. You’ll also get your first weapons and wrist computer (menu) as you get older and take tests to determine the initial layout of your skills and traits.

– Every aspect of character creation is based on S.P.E.C.I.A.L. system. Of your 14 skills you can tag 3 to grow at a faster rate than the rest as you level up.

– Battle system is called the Vault-tec Assisted Targeting System (V.A.T.S.). The article states. “While you’ll certainly be able to tackle enemies in real time using first person shooting, V.A.T.S. lets players pause time and select a target at their leisure”. Battle system still uses action points, but once you’ve used them up you’ll still be able to fight targets in real time while they charge back up.

– Game is still violent and gory. One of the featured screens is of a guy’s head exploding in super gory detail. Apparently all gory deaths in the game will be in slow motion.

– More than one way to play the game. Go balls out and kill people, or sneak past situations, or perhaps talk your way out of situations.

– Enemies can target you just like you can target them, so you can get injured in very specific points on you body. This in addition to an all new health/radiation system. This new system has you measuring how radiated certain things (like water) are and how they affect you when you consume them.

– Karma system returns[…]

-Yeah once you’re in the V.A.T.S. system every combat move you make uses AP. The amount of AP is based on your agility rating. So things like targeting specific areas etc use AP. Also things like distance etc factor into your hit % while you’re in the V.A.T.S. system.

At least that’s how it reads.[…]

-Yeah the article is chock full of screens, but I can’t post them =(

They have some really great environment shots, Some screens of the inside of Vault 101, and a really awesome shot of a first person encounter with a super mutant and another where the main character has a weapon called “The Fatman” which is a handheld nuclear catapult.

Think post apocalyptic oblivion and you’re right about there in terms of graphics.[…]

-It seems that outside of the VATS system everything is real time. The only time the game pauses is when you enter the VATS system and start using AP and issuing commands. The article doesn’t really say much more than that, but they do say that the game is geared more towards a role-playing turn based style as opposed to a twitch gaming style of play.

-It doesn’t say anything specifically about party members, but there’s a section that talks about how integral NPC’s are to the game, and that a lot of the progress in the game will be made via quests.

EDIT. A little caption under a screen shot says you’ll be able to hire henchmen to help you out but this is definitely not a party based game. Also Bethesda confirms that there’ll be a dog in the game.

-As a matter of fact they do. The game does not scale like oblivion, so if you enter a high level area expect to be promptly murdered.

Also, I just read a little caption.

Level cap is 20.

Definite ending to the game, but there are 9 – 12 possible endings.

-It is XP based. Most of your XP comes from quests.[…]

There’s more here

Edit, some more stuff:

It’s a wrist mounted computer called the Pip-Boy 3000, and it is awesome looking.


29 thoughts on “Fallout 3 true or false?

  1. I got yelled at for raising that first point. Overall, if this all turns out to be true (especially talking your way out of places, preserving SPECIAL, and multiple story paths) I can start to feel cautiously optimistic about this project. Making the PC “special” definitely flies in the face of FO1 and is more a FO2 type design decision. Maybe it’ll be tongue in cheek, we’ll find Ed yet again with a copy of the same book on his person or some such.

  2. Their approach to combat seems good. V.A.T.S sounds fine for me. Also everything mentioned there raises confidence – I must get that magazine somehow :l

  3. It definitely looks nice, except the combat… Let’s see what comes out of the vats… V.A.T.S. I mean… I like the character creation process. It’s very similar to one I had imagined some years ago for a concept of mine 😛 Let’s see how they apply it…

  4. Oh! I must remember there are only 14 skills. I was expecting no less (more) from them, but still… I’d love to see NEW skills rather than more general skills…

  5. looks good! I really hope this is true. The VATS system sounds just like the system used in FO: Tactics (which IMO has a better combat system then the FO1 and FO2)

  6. Also, from the words of sallokin, it looks like it’s going to be a Turn Based/Real Time hybrid… V.A.T.S. seems to be the name of the turn based engine, but I don’t know… There’s also the possibility that it’s turn based only, but I can’t be sure. Read his posts yourself. I don’t feel he understands a lot about turn based 😛 Still, this gives me hope, but it could all prove to be a big load of bull… Lets wait and see. But IF sallokin is speaking the truth (I’d say 50% of probability but I don’t know the guy), Fallout 3 may have everything to be a generally worthy successor… The ONLY thing they have to do, is choice and consequence AND decent quest and level design (and character design, and game design, and plots and stuff…)… Still a long way to go, no matter what.

  7. Based on what I read, V.A.T.S. actually sounds good. I would need to learn more about it first. From reading those snippets, it almost sounds like an actual turn-based FPP hybrid…I would be amazed to see them pull that off. Maybe I read it wrong.

    Can’t wait for confirmation on this.

  8. “”Teenage Visions Of Shangri-La””

    @ NeoGAF

    This bit of brand diplomacy moves to another thread:


    The real showmanship, the true design mastery of — juggling — game play vectors into a seamless cosmology,
    well with the appropriate amount of mirrors, smoke, and F-F-F flash, …
    this bold adventure on which Bethesda appears to be questing …

    including …

    RT and TB options in our post modern, acid trip graphic, neo ‘con’ — blue / red pill dichotomy of false choices…
    (Alice had more options in her Wonderland …)
    is blown away by digressing into kid shooting, drugs, and sexual excess …
    Clueless about the in game consequences in the FO …
    …the real dark humor of being careful of what one wishes – lusts – for …
    the high powered bounty hunters and the NPC reactions and the drug addiction ..
    In game consequences gave the FO’s enough ‘morning after’ hang over to aspire to moral parable, teen lust parody.

    How the conflict simulation system functions or dysfunctions for the Nex Gen predatory perp, that’s a whole other ring in this circus.
    Perhaps entertaining enough that my hot button obsession about the politics of / in marketing mischief might cool down.
    Can dev-s, programers of the 21st Century escape the flat line mediocrity of shooters that play like flight sims,
    Gee, Killzig i shot my way to Rockville, now what? Do the strafe shuffle to Laurel? Would ‘Dance- Dance-Revol-ooo-sion’ be a mo’ bett’a quest-story line choreographic template ….

    Sand box theatre!

    The cosmic myth -/ mix-o-logy of action and social interaction puzzle solving — via dialogue networks — and ”doin’ da rytht thang” ..
    while mashing the keys (PC) or bashing the buttons (Xbox-PS3-Wii).. with just enough click of mouse or twist of stick to stave off carpal tunnel syndrome.
    Creating this entertainment illusion that mimics REAL LIFE(TM), a passion play in itself.

    Now where’s -my- ‘friendly fire’?


  9. It’s 6:30 AM this friday morning, I’m off to the gym for my morning wank. I’ll swing by the store on my way back and see if I find it. If I do, I’ll have my underling at the office scan it and e-mail it to the proper authorities.

  10. Seems the viewpoint is like that in Infernal, and yeah, you have to wait three more days for the mag to be made available, I’m waiting to see if I can get it today, but I don’t know if the scans will show up on time.

  11. I think any GI subscriber should have gotten the magazine by now. I am expecting to see it appear on the tubes soon 🙂

  12. VATS aside, I do not like the sound of this: “- Game is still violent and gory. One of the featured screens is of a guy’s head exploding in super gory detail. Apparently all gory deaths in the game will be in slow motion.”

    I hope I will be able to turn that off, because after awhile it will just get annoying.

  13. Infernal was really infernal to play. HDR+Bloom and you couldn’t get shit, not to forget lousy voiceacting. The idea was nice, combat worked “ok” and it was pretty ok. But it wasn’t something I would dish out 50$ for.

  14. But is it TB or some Mass Effect/Final fantasy XII variant?

    We definitely need to read the article, everyone is talking when things aren’t clear enough, clarification is needed, FAST.

  15. I don’t know, the description at one point sounds like you can actually PAUSE and issue orders while another description makes it sound like max payne style bullet time with the amount of “bullet time” being interpreted by AP.

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