Oblivion with mutants part 2

Tor Thorsen from Gamespot replied to my comments of yesterday on No Mutants Allowed:

Re; Your blog, briosafreak: You are taking things way too personally. I am not pushing an oblivion with mutants game nor am I coming after NMA.

“Many in the Fallout community felt that this poll and a general bias against Fallout fans that aren’t interested in a Fallout: Oblivion with Mutants game shown by Tor Thorsen and Gamespot were annoying, to say the least.”

I am v. tired of people saying that I am pushing an agenda or coming after NMA. I was a big fan of NMA and the fact I took a lot of time out of a busy-ass day to talk with yall is evidence that I care about the Fallout community. The poll was intended as humorous, and to consider it an attack on the fallout community borders on paranoid–and is more than a little annoying.

The discussion later turned ugly, you can check everything that was written here.


5 thoughts on “Oblivion with mutants part 2

  1. Yeah, you guys edited my comments and closed the topic! Way to keep debate alive! If that’s not “ugly” i don’t know what is.

  2. 1) It appears to have been unlocked.

    2) I didn’t write “{I said “peeps”. Beat me like a baby seal, please.}”

  3. It was never locked, and peeps is one of the words that the word censor at NMA doesn’t allow, it automatically changes things to that babyseal thing 🙂

    Ok that was just a misunderstanding

  4. I read the thread and I have this to say : “Wow, do I hate the use of weasel words !” (look it up wikipedia Thor). Using the word “many” like that is “Fox News” low. We would all be relieved of much aggravation if it was banned from news speach.

    Yeah, it’s a pet peeve of mine.

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