From Ashley Cheng’s blog:

According to Game Informer, the next issue — the one with Fallout 3 on the cover and inside its pages — comes out next week on June 18th. I like Andy McNamara and his magazine, always great seeing him at trade shows. Game Informer knows that we we read gaming magazines for the screenshots so they make sure they are HUGE. HUGE, I tell ya!

During a quick meeting in my office today, Istvan expressed great satisfaction at how Game Informer used the cover image – we all agreed it came out looking awesome. I can’t wait for a big poster of the cover so I can frame it for my office.

It’s the only major gaming magazine that I don’t get in the city I live, so I need to try to use the tubes to get it.



4 thoughts on “Huge

  1. Hope it turnsout better than most of these exclusive previews. Lenghty previews with nothing much to say, and when the game comes out it is 1page 70/100 quick go through. I certainly hope Fallout 3 turnsout to be better than that.

    How much is Bethesda willing to reveal in this issue?

  2. As I mentioned before, GI wasn’t big on PC game coverage. And it never had too much indepth stuff for the year that I had subscribed it. I am sure any “exclusive” info will be appearing on the network of tubes before the magazine hits the newstand.

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