Cheng talks


Today is the big media gathering about Fallout 3, so Bethsoft Producer Ashley Cheng decided to rally the troops:

It gets lost in the noise and doesn’t get said enough. For the record, I’d like to thank everyone here at Bethesda Game Studios. Thanks for the hard work you guys have put into everything so far, and for the hard work you are about to put in going forward. Thanks for making us look so damn good.

Making games is not easy. Every game we’ve made here stands on the blood, sweat and tears of the last one, mostly starting with Morrowind. The core team is still here – as we’ve grown slowly, the team overall has built a personality, a knowledgebase, of how to work together. I can’t express how excited and happy I am to be working with everyone here.

It is easy to get stuck in the daily minutiae of the noise, the hyper-sensitive drama that lives out there on the series of tubes. But time makes all that moot. What matters is how we relate and work with each other, and that we continue to strive to make great and fun games.


8 thoughts on “Cheng talks

  1. I hate to see the word fun repeated all over. A game is not meant to be fun, IT’S MEANT TO BE REWARDING! It’s just that to most games, being rewarding makes them fun… Fun for the sake of fun is just stupid…

    Overall, this week is probably the beginning of the end… Brance for impact!

  2. It is the oposite. IF it rewards the player, it is fun. So rewardish comes first, and fun second. Also, there are many types of rewards… Tetris is rewarding, but not because it’s fun. It’s fun because it’s rewarding. It’s not fun you you loose (to over-simplify it) because there’s no reward. One must always keep in mind that a rewarding game isn’t fun right way. Some games are meant to be serious, and are not fun, but are rewarding. That happens a lot in other media, and it’s a shame it doesn’t happen in games more often. Fallout is not fun…

  3. Winning The Hearts And Minds: Chapter XXX: Stroking The Press

    I hope Killzig uses his super powers for good, this day, and sniffs out if Beth is stoking the game entertainment press with coke or meth amphetamine, or both?

    Might divine it the money men Need to pump up those review scores 13 out of 10, so Bethesdsa-Zenimax can go public ….

    Also, another impotent financial indicator, will there vials of Viagra by the Pole Dancers and flea collars on the Lap Dancers?

    Future buy-sell at 401’s and IRA’s, WORLD WIDE, may depend on this insider trading, please keep us informed…


  4. For me, Fallout was “fun”. I enjoyed my time when I played it. You make it seem like it has to a drag to play first, but it will “reward” you when time goes on – then making it fun. What’s the point in that?

  5. Well, for me, Fallout was “fun” too, just the same kind of “fun” seeing Braveheart gives, reading tolkien’s books gives or hearing Dream Theater gives. It’s all “fun”.

    …in a sense.

  6. Livin’ Large In The Glow Of God’s Own Bling Bling

    Perhaps we need to recalibrate our socio-politico-ontological-economic indicators.

    Vanguard and the whole Dow Jones will have to just spin their roulette wheels ….

    in wet anticipation.

    Now, first factoid …

    Was there a salad bar?

    What was the the inverse ratio of applied Ranch Dressing to Bake-O-Bits,
    with a healthy Chi-squared nod to vinegar-olive oil and sun flower seeds?

    Were there more than 3 varieties of cheese, …
    [and will 4too’s requested New Feature For FO3 at DAC be buried alive BY the need for the young and restless to wear Mad Max’s black leather in climates more suitable to shorts, t-shirts and sun block (SPF 1000) / mosquito repellant (VX or Phosgene)?

    Consider pushing a paper doll Poser rip off with Sim’s fetish aspirations, The Shooter’s Bible abstracts sponsored by teh NRA, so our Brother’s From Another Planet (aka DAC) will always have that “”Full Throttle”” animal skin fashion sense, and … enough cheese.

    Oh Noe! Sorry, got blinded by the light ….

    Hire the spook that rifled Bob Dylan’s garbage!

    Then wait for teh great white hunter and teh noble indigenous Tonto to see, touch, taste, smoke the scat …. of yet another tax deductible business lunch.

    Will STFU before the goons at SA carry me off to point and click at their Henai ads.

    Dow Jones play on, drop the ball, pay off today’s winn-ahs.


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