So many questions

Sorry for being late about this but Game Informer has a message for you:

When we announced that Fallout 3 was on the cover of Game Informer Magazine’s July Issue, the internets went wild. There’s only one person outside of Bethesda that’s actually seen the game, and that’s Game Informer Magazine’s Associate Editor Matt Miller. There’s probably a billion things you want to know about the game, and Miller has the answers. Well, some of them, anyway.

So let him have it.

Starting today and ending on Monday, June 11th at 12 Noon CST, we’re allowing you, the reader, to ask Miller anything you want about Fallout 3. We’re not promising he’ll answer all of your questions, but if you bribe him with Cheddar Bay Biscuits, you never know.

Send all of your questions to and we’ll be posting the answers in this month’s Unlimited which launches on June 18th.

If this doesn’t work you can still contact Logan Brooker of Atomic, and wait for his trip to Maryland where he’ll present your questions.

And if this still doesn’t work you can leave your questions on the comments at this blog, and one of our readers that knows someone that will attend the media gathering at the restaurant will try to forward them to the Bethsoft people.


18 thoughts on “So many questions

  1. we should pool some money together and offer it to the first journalist that leaks the tech demo that they will be seeing at Bethsoft 😉

  2. Well week sure is promising. It’s all getting on my nerves though 😛 A while ago, it came to me that the BoS would be some kind of bad guys on the East side. Then I read someone saying that too and, well, it could be nice to have that in the game 😛 Then I start digging for PA concepts and artworks and stuff, and it came to my attention a fairly well know loading screen: the tribal with the PA helmet. It’s quite interesting, and I began to thing the only actual Power Armor the guy in the trailer is wearing is the helmet. After all, it would suck if that “thing” was the real power armor of FO3. Power Armor is meant to protect against gases, against radioactivity, and probably against water and vacuum too… I’m not sure though. And the “thing” that guy is wearing looks like some can made armor of junk, not power radiation-proof armor at all… So it’s quite likely that the easiest thing to find in the east coast is actually only the helmet of the T-51b (which could possibly be a different version? Like T-50 or something, it would be awesome IMO) and the armor he’s wearing is a metal armor of somesorts, maybe the official armor of the brotherhood in the east coast even!

    Also, I restarted writing the dialogs of a mod I’ve had in my mind for long. It’s quite extensive and intricate and was initially to be developed upon Fallout 2 engine as a completely revamped Fallout 2. Now, however, I’m not sure as to what game should I use… If Fallout 3 turns out to have a decent combat system, I’ll mod into Fallout 3. If not, well, I’ll probably wait for Afterfall and mod it into it, making it a bit more generic, maybe, but not worse, I hope 🙂

    (If you are curious – you probably aren’t – about the mod, I could tell you a bit about the starting area, a Village similar to Arroyo. It’s a relatively small village, much like Arroyo. Fifty villagers at most, probably around 30-40. There are three big families. There are four simultaneous circles of interaction between the three families. Two of those circles are friendly – adult males and adult females – and the other two are competitive – elders from the three families and kids. Elders are the general force behind “political” decisions inside the village, and they disapprove the union amongst adults of the three families, using the their kids to build some influence. The three families are quite different from each other, and are complementary of the whole village health. One family is specialized in hunting, one other family is specialized in gardening and the last family is specialized in religious and spiritual matters (healers too). The fight amongst the elders are what is most important in this plot. All of them are against the charing mentality of their sons, and want to go back to internal competition for power – the richest family will be able to elect the leader (military, of course) of the village – because they thing all three families are letting themselves get lazy and accommodated. The player chooses what he wishes to do. He can join the side of one of the family’s elder and make them reach the “throne” – thus ending the charing regime of the village, he can help the adult villagers and support the charing regime, or he can establish chaos inside the village (through some mean actions ^_^ ) in order to make the three families kill their elders and finish the charing regime – if the player chooses this, he can also make that one (or two) of the families kill the other ones, OR that each one of the families found a new independent settlement. The player can also choose not to interfere and let things go as they would, and, nothing relevant happens, as the pressure from the elders AND the kids doesn’t make a difference in the minds of the adults. According to which thing the player, the village will evolute, and if the player waits enough time, he will be able to see how things go one and stuff like that – I’m also considering a new subsequent plot for the “three villages” ending of that area.

    The player is neither the Vault Dweller nor a member of the village. He is an outsider with an unknown background, found by one of the families out in the wastelands – the player can decide, at the begging of the game, which family will find him, and that will influence much of the game’s plot.

    Then the game would go on. My focus is the dialogs. Each and every character has extensive dialogs, but the player’s lines are a lot more developed that the lines in Fallout… I have branching trees with almost 20 different endings, and I still have things I could add 0_o)

  3. Interesting idea. But are there plans to explore how the different “factions” deal with other communities in the wasteland?

    Is there a way to, relatively, peacefully let the elders “see” the light and stop the bickering and work to help each other to foster a more tolerant younger generation? (I said relatively, since I think some elder should be stubborn and may require some dangling on a string over a high cliff sort of experience to make him/her see the “light” 🙂 )

    Also, I think it would be interesting to make it so that there is really no best outcome. For example, if you help foster the bickering. Then the surviving family would be very strong and be very good at fending off outside intrusions.
    But if you opt for a peaceful caring community, that community might become a easy pray for outsiders to exploit. Just a thought 😉

    I personally, don’t mind the concept of a corrupted BoS. Power corrupts, and in the wasteland guns == power.
    I do hope some the journalist will be asking about the mod-potential of the game. And I hope that bethsoft will give fans a head start on creating mods for the game.

  4. I also think that the “power armour” shown in the teaser is not actually a real PA. Everything about that guy screams “make-shift” to me.

  5. Interesting idea. But are there plans to explore how the different “factions” deal with other communities in the wasteland?

    As of now, I only have some rough sketches in the paper as for the location of settlements, how they are (generic definitions, most of them) and trade/communication routs… There will be “factions” of course, and all the subsequent “social” issues.

    Is there a way to, relatively, peacefully let the elders “see” the light and stop the bickering and work to help each other to foster a more tolerant younger generation?

    Yes, there is: “<i>he can help the adult villagers and support the charing regime</i>” 😉 However, I don’t think it will be as simple as “see the light”. Once the player is faced with the actual facts, the elders have some pretty good arguments on their side. It will be relatively difficult to decide which side is the “good” one 🙂 I made part of a dialog tree for one of the three most important elders last night. It was quite fun to do 🙂

    Also, I think it would be interesting to make it so that there is really no best outcome.

    Yes, of course. I have that in mind from the very begging. Outcomes are normally quite equivalent to each other, concerning rewards. I think that’s what you are referring to. Because if by “best” you mean “good”, well, most situations will be morally ambiguous, like in real life, but there is normally some outcomes that are clearly bad 😛 But yeah, it is a critical design point to me that the player doesn’t feel he made “the wrong choice” because the game stops there and doesn’t show anymore consequences. There should always be more consequences, as long as there are people who remember what you did (idealistically, of course 😉 ). I mean, if you decide to kill the whole village because they are just stupid (well, I didn’t intend to say it, but yeah, they are mostly stupid and retard religious fanatics xD ), there will be a trader in the nearest town that will shake your hand for that, or there will be some organization further in the game that refuses to accept you because you killed innocent people, or the slavers won’t like you because of that, or something else, I don’t know, I haven’t done it yet. I have a method, however: instead of doing it area by area, I do it theme by theme, or “quest” by “quest”. That enables me to create a lot of linked content that is actually dispersed throughout the whole gameworld. For instance, if I think it would be nice to add an old man living in another city complaining about being exiled from his village (the starting village) when he was young, then I add it right away (to my design docs, that is 😛 ), and it’s easier to keep track of all that related content.

  6. @killzig: I don’t know if he did, I should check that. And that’s interesting Morbus, maybe we’ll be able to make something together after FO3 is released, who knows

  7. Let’s pray that Bethesda implements a decent combat system then ^_^ Otherwise will mod Afterfall (which I’m sure everyone here will buy, unlike Fallout 3 😛 )

  8. out of curiosity, have any of you played a post-apoc game called “The Fall: Last Day of Gaia”? It is the closest thing to fallout that I found to be quite good (despite the poor dev support, or the non-existent official English release)

    Also, Soldiers Of Anarchy was a great PA game too.

  9. I’ve talked to Carsten from the Fall, he got a couple of Van Buren designers to work on the game, Damien and Jeff, but the development of the game was a mess and when it was released the game was unplayable. Later they started fixing it, but the interest for an English version had dimmed a lot, there’s an English language fan patch that NMA hosts. I don’t like the combat, but I’ve heard the game isn’t bad.

  10. No, I haven’t played The Fall, but I have the mod that makes it English 😛 (LOL). I just haven’t found the game, and from what I’ve seen, it’s not THAT good…

    About Afterfall, yeah, I know it’s too soon. Let us hope for the best, however… I just want an RPG with decent combat and post apocalyptic assets, that’s all 😛

  11. Yeah The Fall isn’t that good, but it is definitely better than a lot of the RPGs that are out in the recent years. The only thing that threw me off was the fact that it wasn’t natively in English and I had to use the mod for it, but the mod doesn’t cover the voice in game so that kinda sucked 😦

    Thanks for the info on the team behind The Fall, brios. I knew it was a mess at the start, but I always thought the the team had great ideas (like Soldiers of Anarchy was a good, albeit initially buggy game).

    Hasn’t Afterfall been in developement for a long time? I have seen too many promising games that disappeared over the years, so I am not holding my breathe on this one.

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