Oblivion with Mutants

Many in the Fallout community felt that this poll and a general bias against Fallout fans that aren’t interested in a Fallout: Oblivion with Mutants game shown by Tor Thorsen and Gamespot were annoying, to say the least. Tor went to No Mutants Allowed to explain his views on the subject:

Uh, anyone who thinks that poll is a stab at NMA need to chill the hell out. It is a joke, nothing more, with no barbs at anyone in particular, about the various viewpoints about FO3. If you’re sounding off that it’s an expression of some grand conspiracy out to get your personally you need to:

a) realize you’re not the center of the universe (I’m looking at you, Odin, and not just b/c you appropriated my pagan god’s handle)
b) get a sense of humor (As foghorn leghorn) “It’s a joke, son, a joke.”
c) accept that there’s varying opinions on this issue–none of which GameSpot is pushing
d) Need to find something more pressing to sound off about.
e) watch more daily show

And for all you “he’s biased” kids in the house, for the record:

1) I love Fallout 1 & 2 with a passion
2) I HATE, HATE, HATED Fallout: POS for Xbox/PS2 and think everyone involved in its making should be burned alive
3) Loved Oblivion so much I played it for 200+ hours
4) Was frustrated with aspects of Obliv’s skill system
5) Think Bethesda gets FO and will do it right, albeit not in ISO form
6) I strive to instill neutrality in all GS News articles and have written objectively about many games I loathe

OK? E-mail me at tor@gamespot.com if you need further reassurance.

Well my thoughts on this are clear:

a) Odin was right in saying the acts from Gamespot as shown in the poll were unprofessional;

b) I have a sense of humor, just don’t like to be called something I’m not;

c) “it’s basically going to be Oblivion with mutants in DC, which sounds damn good to me” and “ Many are looking forward to Fallout 3 being “Oblivion with Mutants” ” clearly shows what Gamespot and Tor are pushing, so he lied here;

d) go find it then;

e) good advice!

1) good for you;

2) I don’t wish that on them, and Gamespot liked it, so the place he works doesn’t have much credibility pertaining Fallout, that seems a fair assessment;

3) Ok; I loved SimCity3000, Blade Runner and Half life and don’t want to transform Fallout into any of those games, so what’s your point?

4) Who wasn’t?

5) Hope so, but won’t be with your help, Bethesda can make something much better than Oblivion with Mutants; or can’t they?

6) I still can’t find any neutrality on your push for a Oblivion with Mutants game, so I guess you’re not very serious about that.

He added more posts and cleared his views a bit, so please do check the entire topic, but that didn’t change my own views.


10 thoughts on “Oblivion with Mutants

  1. As a Fallout fan, I have no sense of humor Mr. Tor, and I’m proud of that. I thought we were talking about a serious site, not some wierdspot.com repliquée…

  2. Tor,

    I knew it was a joke, I just didn’t think it was very funny. Then again, I just shrugged it off as another one of the millions of dull, insipid things the “mainstream” gaming “press” publishes. Maybe I’m just too cynical to give a shit, or maybe you’re not interesting enough to get bent out of shape about.



    the optimistic diplomat inside of you that still has hope of getting through and being heard by the ADD addled writers/readers of gamespot warms my heart. Maybe spend an afternoon on XBLive and listen to them speak? Will crush said little diplomat. Quite flat.


  3. well not before launching personal attacks against the entire posting body of NMA, you and his ex peer Greg Kasavin who “used to talk about integrity and not selling out” …

    Why doesn’t he put THAT on his front page?

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