Manic Monday


Just a few Fallout community thoughts and news before we start a new Fallout 3 week, starting with the relaunch of the Fallout Vault, the largest Wiki type database of everything Fallout. That’s good news, since much of the Fallout feeling coming from the excellent teaser trailer can be tracked to the long hours a few Bethsoft developers spend on the Vault.


From Something Awfull:

No Mutants Allowed Forums – The release of the Fallout 3 teaser earlier this week softened the hearts of most Fallout fanboys who (like me) were slightly worried by Bethesda’s track record of creating large worlds with lots off carefully placed items that combined to make slightly interactive museums instead of fun and immersive games with character. The impressively atmospheric teaser wasn’t enough, however, to satisfy the most obsessive and change-fearing goblins to ever amass in one dark corner of the internet: the No Mutants Allowed forumgoers.

It’s okay to be skeptical, but NMA takes it to a whole new level. Most of their comments ignored the ambiance of the Fallout 3 trailer and the fact that it was rendered in the actual game engine with real art assets, focusing instead (with a gleeful viciousness) on the only thing they could possibly criticize: a suit of power armor that was slightly different than it was in the first game.

Every miniscule detail of the suit itself was discussed off and on over the course of the next 23 pages, which also included a thoughtful debate as to whether Bethesda is evil or retarded. You can guess what the rest of the site is like.

Really? I have to agree with Suaside on this:

funny. i thought it was pretty well received overall.

we pointed out what we liked:
– good music choice (Ink Spots again)
– good propaganda/publicity posters
– vacuum tubes in the radio (much like the 2 previous intros)
– general destruction visible after zoomout similar to FO1 intro (=good)
– Ron Perlman (but it was copy/paste from the originals)[note: it wasn’t]
– Hula Doll! shake that ass girl! (Tiki art)

then we went on to discuss what we didn’t like… for most of us that was indeed that ugly ass powerarmor and steampunk gun.

and that makes us “obsessive and change-fearing goblins“, of course. liking a majority of things, yet daring to comment on two things we don’t!

good job, SA. why don’t you join the rest of the morons flaming us on ze internatz for no specific reasons (except perhaps penisenvy).

Well after SA members made DoS attacks and filled NMA with obscene pics I thought they had relaxed a bit, but I was wrong. Still if Denis had written the thing with a cooler head he had found other places like this one or this one where the discussion about the teaser trailer was also heated. You know that it was a guy from the SA that once come up with the expression “Glittering Gems of Hatred” about Fallout fans? Seeing their forum I still find that ironic. And I liked the armor, by the way.


Jubal Quintus started a market of Fallout stuff for Second Life. He had this to say on No Mutants Allowed:

Let me say that this little shop doesn’t see me one red cent in the real world. The little money I do make from the store is used to pay the rent for the land upon which the store and my other builds sit. All of my builds in Second Life are Fallout based. So far I have Doc Morbid’s hospital, Iguana Bob’s stand, a few pieces of furniture and other items seen tossed all about the Fallout landscape. On a separate island from all that, I’ve also started a “mini Junktown” based on the old Van Buren/FO3 concept art (though it seems it wasn’t Junktown at all, but that’s fine).

Many people have passed the time without new Fallout in many different ways, some people making mods, fan art, etc. I found a way to continue my love for the game in Second Life, but with Second Life I found a financial burden of a game. To offset that, and create a game that pays for itself, I charge what are relatively low prices (by Second Life standards) for the things that I’ve made.

Fallout has a good fan base in Second Life and when I got there and saw that there was no outlet for it, I decided to try and make a few things. Everything I’ve made, I’ve made because it was something I wanted. Soon people started to ask where to get my things and many urged me to open the store, so that was what I did. Were this a simple cash in, I’d quite honestly not be making Fallout gear. Splinter Cell, Final Fantasy, anything furry, anything anime, those would all sell very well and make me actual real world money. Instead, I made this store as a fan service to my friends and fellow fans.

I knew going into this that some fans would judge me harshly, especially with how quickly some of us label anyone who touches Fallout an opportunist and simply call it a cash in. All of that is ok; you can’t please everyone, even when you try. Anyway, I had hoped to submit the pictures of my builds all together in one large post, but it since someone scooped me, I’ll have to step it up a bit. I’ll post what pictures I have ready soon and try to finish up the rest shortly.

I still don’t get what Second Life is about, I have enough problems with my first one 🙂


RadHamster had this to say about the Game Daily article we’ve talked about earlier:

All, some, or none of that “confirmed” info could be right or wrong — but, to my knowledge there hasn’t been any announcement that touches on those issues.

Please Stand By![…]

In general, everyone out there should know to set their skepticism level to full power. The chance that a dev will pop in to correct speculation is extremely small, so don’t treat our absence as giving credence to anything.

We should take that into account, but that policy might be dangerous to pursue at all times, sometimes a quick comment, on or off the record could save them a lot of headaches.


5 thoughts on “Manic Monday

  1. I didn’t knew that was an accepted variant of minuscule, I’ll remove it, thanks for pointing it out.

    The week will be a fun week, we’ll see if hell is at the gates or not 🙂

  2. Yo Fred from Prescott Valley, relax a bit, like I do, and you’ll be a happier person 🙂

    And I actually like the SA site, although I disagree with many things that are written there, and find the heavy handed tactics from a few of the more excitable members to be quite dumb and counter productive.

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