Please Stand By



15 thoughts on “Please Stand By

  1. Looks like its another picture for fallout 3, although now it is a modded FO1 picture. What do you have to say about it? The effects and such… To me, it doesn’t look good… I don’t like the horizontal stripes… I never saw them in Fallout…

  2. Yes, and they did until recently. Heck, the TV I have right now has them as well, though they are vertical. I would have liked if it were a bit round, as it used to be with real TVs, and the silhouette of the frame was visible.

  3. Seen them before, as we had an old black and white TV when I was a kid. Couldn’t afford one in color. Man, I just remembered those buttons for changing channels. You had to give them a good push, too.
    On a slightly related note, did I ever tell you guys we had some sort of vaults here in Croatia? During the communism, the Yugoslavian government spent a huge ammount of money (I am speaking of approximately 100 billion dollars) on underground vaults. As I recall, their purpose was protection against nuclear attacks. I’m not sure in what state they are now.

  4. Yeah I know that, in neighboring Serbia they also have some huge vaults that were partially made by Portuguese construction companies.

    On other news my computer is freezing and my internet connection is going down sometimes, not good, I didn’t need these problems today…

  5. Jea, beth put that cheapoo effect, but still work for me. I force my self to hope that is not only good staff they can realise. So far,… im good.

    And about those volts; I often go out in some of those in late 80’s. it was adopted in disco club called AS, which mean atomsko skloniste ( atomic shelter ), populated mostly by punkers and depeche mode fans. It was small, for the neighborly hotel visitors, but those big, metal, safe like doors… sweet memories..

  6. what was the story behind the native American head? Was that part of the actual “stand by” screen in the 50s’? As far back as I can remember, the black and white TV we had back when I was a kid didn’t have such screen (maybe because the Chinese gov’t censored it? 🙂 )

  7. Does anyone have the NEW (Fallout 3) “Please Stand By” screen in a large format? I think it would be nice as my XP’s bootup screen…

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