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From Game Informer:

With the trailer arriving today, we felt it would be rather fitting to announce our July cover. We’re blowing the lid off of one of the most anticipated returns of a franchise – Fallout 3. We bring you inside Bethesda and give you the first details about this post-apocalyptic open-ended RPG that’s hitting the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2008.


Thanks Lithal


11 thoughts on “Game Informer Scoop

  1. “Pete Hines commented on the video at Voodoo Extreme:

    1) Yes, that’s in-engine (in-engine means it’s done with game assets in our rendering engine, but isn’t done real-time. If it was done in real-time, that’d be gameplay footage. This isn’t something, for example, that was sent to some house [e.g. Blue Studios] so they could build assets and render it out, and create something for us to release [e.g. Dawn of War 40K intro cinematic]). 2) Yes, that’s The Ink Spots singing “I Don’t Want to Set the World On Fire” 3) Yes, that’s Ron Perlman [voiceover man extraordinaire of Fallout 1 and 2

    He also responded to inquires by Duck and Cover:

    Pete Hines has graciously confirmed to DAC that the recording of Ron Perlman in the Fallout 3 Teaser Trailer is, in fact, brand new. He recorded it specifically for Bethesda.

    In addition, when asked about the release of more information, Pete had this to say:
    Still slow for a while, but not long now. We aren’t planning to fill in any more blanks for the time being.”

  2. When I first saw this cover I really liked the way this PA looks…but now this whole cover started to remind me other consoles titles…and I see nothing special in it now :/

    This style…and there is even bloom in it…

    Hope they do something original (like Fallout was) after all….

  3. See the word “REINVENT”? Remember? They dum… They “reivented” Oblivion… Now they are going to dumb do… sorry… to REINVENT Fallout too!!! REJOICE!!!!=!#!I $*lmr


  4. busy day huh Brio? Thanks for getting all the info all together.

    I really like the armour depicted. I do have my reservations about consoles, but I will hope for the best and that the game will be developed first and foremost for the PC gamers.

  5. Polite Political Theory

    “”BLOW THE LID OFF…!””


    Happy coincidence that one hand may wash another.

    Perhaps the Game Press and the Game Market’eers
    are only fellow travelers on the band wagon of life?


  6. Well just caught your comments that were swallowed and restored those that didn’t fell into oblivion, sorry about those troubles with the comments 4Too.

    Fellow travelers on paired seats, I guess.

  7. Well, saw the high-res version, it looks nice. Further comments are useless, as they’ve already been mentioned. It seemed in the youtube version liek it didn’t have all the latest graphical technology which would have pointed towards isometric, this way I still can’t say anything for sure. Normally I would say FP, but Blizzard has normal mapping in Starcraft 2, so it’s difficult to tell. Even more so because it is still a year away, and games will look better.

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