Breaking News: Teaser Trailer Is Up



18 thoughts on “Breaking News: Teaser Trailer Is Up

  1. Dark,Light,Dark,Light … take 2 …

    Just trickled through to Worthplaying.

    Says FO3 Teaser Trailer (138 mb). 135 megs!!!

    If starts to download, … , yes — no —

    If yes ,… Looks like I’ll do stuff until the AT+T dial up cuts off.

    Yes it will. And it’s always my fault. I am the one that chose AT+T, no AT+T chose $too. The ugly face of free will in our post “modern” dark-light-dark age.

    Rare that AT+T stays connected for more than 50 megs ….

    If Quicktime any part downloaded can be viewed, …, if using Safari, Firefox partials not always findable ….

    No, too many connections 12:32 PM EST.

    12:38 download starts at 4,4 kb … will bail soon so

    New hard drive in laptop, why not go Library WiFi?
    If all else fails, see if the latest Tomb Raider Demo is NOT being held hostage by Gamespot…..

    BREASTS AND GUNS AKIMBO!!!!!! Teen age dreams of Shangri-La …

    Today is also clean refrigerator of stray beers, alternating dark, light, .. just finished a light, so am at 2 or 4 Beck’s …

    215 lbs this AM, so blood alcohol Delta T, implies safe to drive in 38 SAE minutes …

    All Pizza’ed up and ready for the ….

    The 2 Beck’s tell me to go for it ….

    May report when in WiFi land.


  2. Dark,Light … (5th Try)

    Hunter S Thompson energy abridged … WordPress not a friend to free speech.

    Had trickled through to Worthplaying. FO3 teaser 138 megs. 1-3-8 megs.

    AT+T dial up will not allow that size with out cutting off.

    My fault for having AT+T dial up, free will and original sin in this post ‘modem’ age.

    WiFi land? The two Beck’s, Dark, Light, (blood/alcohol delta t) say go for it.


  3. nvm just watched the HD version…. I almost fainted when I saw “Fall” and was thinking it is going to say “Fall 2007” 😦

  4. Thanks For The YOOTOOB

    Got to the Public Library, Wi-Fi Land, and got several versions.

    This old Mac has trouble with the Hi-Deff in the 130 plus vid’s, and it’s the small wmv at 3D D. and, thank you very much,
    this YouTube vid that plays this cinema establishing shot the best.

    Many more will apprechiate this service.
    Briosafreak and the YOOTube Guru’s at NMA need to invoice Bethesda for brand ambassidor services rendered. Say 2 mill US ..

    3 plus year old 64 mg ATI chip set, 1 Gig G4 processor.
    Yes indeed briar Killzig, the end is near for this P-Book’s utility.


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