One day, not Days

Many are asking when the teaser trailer will be online, so here are a couple of guesses:

Socrates200x: I assume the trailer will be up on the same timeframe as the concept art, which would mean tommorow in the morning, -5:00 GMT. But, I’m not sure at all, so don’t [quote] me on that.

Briosafreak: Probably at 10 AM EST, 15 GMT, 16 CET and so on. I should be working then but hey, can’t resist to come home and watch it with a bunch of friends on a chatroom I own, should be fun*

*At least I hope so emot-ninja1.gif

Notice that I’ve quoted Socrates200x because I’m a meanie. Less than 24 hours to lift off people.


12 thoughts on “One day, not Days

  1. I am more interested to read what the game journalists that are invited to bethsoft will have to say about FO3.
    Wasn’t PC gamer supposed to have some kind of exclusive preview of FO3 for this month?

  2. well, I got the july issue of PC gamer already… And I thought the coverage was supposed to be on the June issue… sigh…

    I don’t suppose either NMA or DoC are invited right? I think VE3d is invited so I will look there first (crossing fingers)

  3. I don’t think they’re inviting either NMA or DaC, for obvious reasons. The invited gaming press seems to be of the Gamespot/Gamespy/Otaku type.

    Haven’t seen hide nor hair of Gstaff’s announced “new tactic of fan interaction”

  4. that is a shame, you guys would have provide much more input than the Game*s… I can understand that everyone prefer positive previews, but in this day and age, I think little honesty goes a lot further.
    Here is an idea, maybe you guys should start planting spies in those big gaming sites! 🙂

    Btw sorry for spamming here, usually I spend my time spamming the fallout 3 forum, but it is getting kinda messy and depressing there. So I finally decide to come out of the lurking status here, but I am not brave enough to do @ NMA yet 😉

  5. Gate Keepers Or Scalpers

    This teaser.

    Will it be held hostage by the subscription sites of the hired scribblers?

    So many high profile trailers and demos are the payola hooks for these professional game selling sites.

    If the paid to drool writers would drop the journalism fig leaf, the conflict of interest issue might slide off the political radar.

    “”Hey bud-bud-buddy, weee jus’ wagglin’ our winkies about games ‘n’ YA’LL buyin’ games.””
    “”We all jus’ good ol’ boys, ‘n’ we talk alike, ‘n’ think alike, ‘n’ Ma even dressed us alike …. “”

    Consider some anti-game politico following the ‘favor’ trail to a hypothetical racketeering combine, from those 11 out of 10 scores … all the way to that ‘leased’ lion’s share of incredibly shrinking retail shelf space.
    Teh funny if the nex gen of P-Correctness didn’t indict on the salivating ‘free speech’ content of a GTA, but on violating the Rico Act ..

    But hey ma’ bud-bud-bud-bud-buddies, that may only be mud ‘n’ not blood clouding my watery vision. No fear of sharks or lawyers…. this day.

    This teaser.

    How many hours or days before it’s available, without paying the media mob, for viewing on dial up / broad band in the wilds of Ohio?

    This teaser.

    Open to education.


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