The Fallout 3 Forum and Official Site are online again.


7 thoughts on “Quicky

  1. I think you should clean your forum links a bit. There is unneeded code in most of them. Also, you seldom link to precise posts… Try to improve on that a bit 😛

  2. You are right on the lack of links to precise posts, but in time I found out that sometimes Firefox would not create the precise URLs, particularly on the Fallout 3 forum, so it’s a way for me to get around that problem.

  3. Maybe its you 😛 You do click on the “Post #X” in the said post to link to it don’t you? Or you just copy the url in your url bar. Don’t do that, click on the “Post #X” and it will give you the precise link…

  4. Lol, deixa lá, são as poucas horas de sono a falar por mim xD Isso e os moderadores dos fóruns da bruxa velha (aka bethesoft) que implicam por tudo e por nada e eu sem os entender 😛 Esquece ^^

    Translation: ehrm… something I’m not really into translating xD

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