Cheng talks


So what does a Senior Producer from Bethesda Softworks working on Fallout 3 do during the day?


And during the night he posts some vague thoughts about Fans, games and criticisms.

You can go and debate that yourselves in his blog entry, let me just quote something taken from there that I find quite true:

[…]Anyways, early interviews about projects that we’re not talking about are fairly tortuous for everybody all around. Though can’t be any worse than waiting for a sequel since 1998 (when Fallout 2 released)[…]

True, definitely true…


10 thoughts on “Cheng talks

  1. Well, seems that I may have been able to take something out of Cheng’s mind 😛 In his blog, I wrote:

    I would like to be happy with Fallout 3, since I’ve been unhappy with every single recent game I’ve played for about 3 years or more… (…)

    And then Cheng answered:

    (…) sounds like a new hobby is in order 🙂

    I don’t know what this means, but I’m sure as hell it means they are not the guys who are going to give me the game I want, or the game they [Cheng, at least] think I want… Otherwise he would have said something like: “Well, just wait for Fallout 3 then 😉 ” But nooooo, no, FO3 will be the same crap industry has been throwing at as for 3 years or more… Or maybe not ^^

    What do you think of it? Am I overthinking?

  2. I’ll reply to it there, he’s being quite straightforward, if you didn’t like any game in the last three years than it’s time to find another hobby 🙂

    Of course we know you were using an hyperbole, and that you meant you didn’t find a really unforgettable game in the last years but I think he believes you are being literal. If that was the case yeah, you should move to something more rewarding (just not Blue Ray vs HD-DVD discussions, you got the thing all wrong 😉 )

  3. Yes, it was my intention the he believed I was completely serious. As you said, I was using an hyperbole, but still… well… I just don’t like his answer at all, no sir… If *I* was a dev, I would be proud to make different things, and not just keep on doing the same things over and over… Isn’t it all about the “democratization” of the industry? Well, I believe there must be games for everyone, not just for graphic whores, not just for action sluts, not just for innuvashun kitsch gamers or people like that. There must be games for hardcore role-players too, but, where are they? :S

    One thing’s for sure, I won’t quit gaming, even if I need to become a dev myself in order to have decent games to play [or rather, games I like, if you want].

    The gaming industry has become like a hypothetical music industry where there’s only pop rock. What about jazz? And Metal? Opera? Classical? What about progressive rock? And hip-hop? Techno, where is it?

    It’s just Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears and Three Doors Down, for god’s sake! I want my Dream Theater! [metaphorically speaking]

  4. The analogy to the music industry is interesting, besides piracy one of the reasons for the decay in sales was the push in the later half of the 90’s ,by the American side, of R&B and Hip Hop as the main receivers of marketing funding, and both styles proved to be popular but not as universal as the Americans thought.

    On the other hand they rided the boysband fad wave, but took a some time off to allow a saturated market to get back to good demand levels. I’m not seeing the game industry doing that right now, and how many action RPGs or diablo clones were successful in the last years? Not many, and there’s not a hugely successful new series in the FPS camp since HL or UT, except for Halo that knew to explore a niche, console FPS gaming, that was pretty much inexistent (besides the 007 game for the Nintendo)and make it popular.

    And again where are the Interpol, Muse, or Kaiser Chiefs of gaming, quality products that are created to be commercially viable without going much away from the indie roots? Not many.

    Maybe with episodic content the gaming industry can create a “singles” market that the music industry lost for many years, entering a spiral of higher costs that wasn’t good in the end run. Only sam and max is proving successful though, so we’ll have to wait.

    I really wished some Radiohead style success would come in the gaming industry, out of good word of mouth and experimentation, but I doubt it.

    And this is not a blog about those things, so I’ll leave these discussions for another time.

  5. Metaphoric speech for the win!!! 😀

    Anyway, you’re right, this is not the place for that. Also, let me tell you, out of my humble opinion, that this is teh blog for fallout 3 X3 You’ve been doing an awesome job.

    Bom trabalho, muito bom trabalho mesmo 😉

  6. Hey Brios, just check this twit from Cheng… Says nothing, but it’s worth the shot… 5GB huh? I supposed that could be used for about one hour of gameplay footage videos 😛

    Also, it’s only the build. To those who understand about these things, what could it mean at this early stage?

    Also, check:

    What does this mean? Is it referred to KotOR? I REALLY hope so. Because if it is, well, it COULD eventually mean FO3 will not use a similar system…

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